Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December: Day 5...reflection...

"Your world without, in every way, reflects the world within.
- Sandy Forster

How I want my life to be a reflection of the Lord, Jesus Christ.

I woke way too early this 5:30, so I got up.  I thought I would go out to try to get some sunrise pictures until I saw how cold it was.  I decided to stay in...for awhile.  I went out at 7, in my housecoat, put some ornaments on my bushes, and took these pictures.  Well except for the flower.  I took the flower because it is the last reminder of summer.  I loved these pictures.  Maybe I will brave the cold one morning to get a beautiful sunrise, but don't hold your breath.


Carol said...

Reflection of the Lord ... great theme for 12/5!
You're a brave woman to brave the cold to take pictures. Nice pictures, btw!

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