Monday, May 10, 2010


I was trying to get some pictures for my photo class--I loved this one of Reid and his lollipop. I was practicing on the white balance which I am terrible at getting right. I did edit this one using the technique I learned for correcting color which warmed up the picture (the original had a blue cast) and I did some touch up on his face since his cheeks were very blotchy. I think it turned out great--of course I had a great subject too!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day. In church, the pastor used a passage in Deuteronomy where Moses was giving his final instructions to the children of Israel before they entered the promised land. Basically, it was to remember the Lord and all He had done for them. It is similar to what we do as parents when we send our own children out to live on their own--we tell them to remember all we put into them so they will be successful and moral individuals. Well today, we are to remember our mother's. I am happy to report, all of my boys called me to wish me a Happy Mother's they remembered.

I wish I could say I remember my mother. I was so young when she died, that I do not remember her. Lately, I have reflected on what it must have been like to be a child that young and loose your mother. I guess I think about it because my own grandchild are close to the age I was when I lost her. (I had just turned three.) I had never really thought about it before until I had grandchildren. I don't remember thinking about it much when my own kids were that age--probably because I was too busy with them. So today I am remembering her. I don't think I look too much like her except for my nose and I must have gotten my green eyes from her since my dad's are blue. I don't have very many pictures of her, but I do have a few that I treasure.

My mother: Mildred VanDomelen Norcross

My Parents on their wedding day: Fred S. and Mildred Norcross

I think I look more like my father than my mother. I have noticed I have some of the same facial expressions as he did. Those who knew us when were little, said I look like my father.

My brother, Tom, and me with my mother

Today, I also remember Warren's mother, Katie. When she was alive, I always thanked her on Mother's day for raising Warren like she did. He is a fantastic husband and a great father, and I know it was at home that he got his roots.

And I also want to say I am so grateful to God for allowing me to be a mother. I think it was motherhood that brought me the greatest satisfaction in my life. I loved every stage my children when through and even remember wishing I could hold on to certain moments, but we cannot, they grow into the next stage. As I am going through old pictures for the DVD for Mark and Amber's upcoming wedding, I have had a lot of trips down memory lane. I am very proud of each of the boys.

I would like to share some memories I have of my boys helping me.

Ian: I broke my arm when everyone was away. Mark was at NMMI, Warren and Luke had gone to a Promise Keeper weekend for men in Washington, DC. Ian was the only one who could help me. He came over to make sure I was situated when I finally came home from the ER. He did little things for me that I could not do myself.

Zach: When I travel through DFW, I stop by TGIFriday's to see Zach. He always feeds me well and sends me on my way.

Mark: I had to go to California when Warren's brother, David, died to clean out his apartment. Mark was between jobs, so he could come spend a little time with me. When he arrived at David's apartment, he was appalled at the mess. He said to me, "You're not staying here are you?" I told him, no, but I did not like where I was staying, which was not much better. He told me he would find a hotel close by and book it for me. He was true to his word. I so appreciated him taking care of me. He, also, was the one who drove me everywhere when my arm was broken. He was learning how to drive, so it worked well for both of us.

Luke: When I go to visit Luke and Jordan, we do some fun things...Luke takes care of me by showing me a good time. When we go out to eat, we have to eat dessert first. (just to make sure we have room for it). We take in a baseball game... I love baseball...and we go to all the fun plant stores or I can see the flowers and collect seeds. I have yet to get him to stop to gather seeds on the Interstate highways though...maybe one of these days.

I love being a Mom, and Warren keeps telling the boys, I will always "mom" them, so get used to it. I love my family! I had a great mother's day...well, except for when I stepped on a nail. That was not too pleasant.

I am most thankful that I have daughters-in-law who love my boys.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I see all these wonderfully put together blogs and sure would like mine to be as cute as some of them. One of the things I have been trying to figure out is how to get the pictures in between my text and how to add captions just under the picture. This is my experiment to see if I can actually figure it out.

This picture was taken at Erynn's birthday party.
He was very patient while he waited for her to open her presents.

So far so good. I might get this blog like I want it eventually.

In my photography chat, they mentioned a fun website called designer mom. After we finished with the chat, I went to and found it amazingly creative and fun. Be sure to check out preparing their family for a photo shoot--it has some great pictures and all the in's and out's of getting ready for it. It was well worth the trouble when you see the pictures.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

My indoor lighting assignment

Whew! This week's photo assignment on indoor lighting was very hard for me. I took a ton of photos--even going to the children's department at our church to take some pictures. I finally decided to enter the one I took of a shelf in my home because I liked the different elements. Guess I will hear how my teacher likes it soon.

Sign up for the portraiture class is tomorrow. I am praying I get in. For those of you reading this--of whom there are very few, please say prayers at 7 p.m. tomorrow--Monday for me to get in.

Erynn's 5th Birthday

Who needs utensils?

Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday celebrations were in order on Friday, April 30th for Erynn as she turned 5 years old. It is hard to believe she is already five. She is growing up fast! Festivities began with an evening meal of Pizza--picked out by Erynn herself-- salad, chips, and dip. Yummy. For her cake, she had Cherry cupcakes with buttercream frosting and ice cream. She was certainly popular because she had many phone calls from all the people who love her dearly--all wishing her a happy birthday. She opened her many presents, we watched a video of her 4-5 year events, and looked through several old photo albums. Photo albums are just the best.

I found a website for awesome scrapbooking--digitally as well as paper. There are great classes, supplies, and forums. I am currently enrolled in a photography class offered on the website. It is One thing I like is the encouragement to scrapbook little and big events. They offer all kinds of challenges to get you motivated and inspired.

I took some pictures of Erynn's birthday, but I am not very good at indoor shots yet. Indoor lighting was this week's assignment in my photography class. I was disappointed with the pictures--they were not the sharp, crisp images I wanted. But now, I think I know how to correct that. So maybe next year they will be better.

Happy Birthday, Erynn. Your Pawpaw and Mimi love you dearly!
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