Saturday, March 27, 2010

Photography class

I have completed the first week of my photography class, and my head is spinning. We are not allowed to use the automatic setting in the class, so I have had to take a lot of pictures to get things right. I know from reading the message boards that I am not alone in my ignorance when it comes to taking manual pictures. Our assignment for this week was to take a picture showing motion in a slow and high shutter speed. One of the pictures posted in the gallery was of a man dressed in a business suit, jumping down his front porch steps. This was not just one or two steps, but about 6. The description said, "my darling husband had to jump about 5 times before I got my settings right. I can relate because Warren is often my subject who has to do all sorts of tricks so I can fulfill my assignment. He was quite pleased when I picked some of my high school students to be my subjects for the fast and slow shutter speeds.

Our creative assignment was to find an everyday object and take a picture of it. I had several pictures and asked Warren to help me select the "right" one. He was going through the pictures when he came across several photos of dandelions. I thought he was going to comment on how great they were. Instead, he said, "where did you find these dandelions?" "In the front yard," I said. His reaction was one of agitation, not quite the reaction I was wanting. Then he said, "I thought I had pulled of of them." I am sorry to say, I found several and used one as the "right" photo.

I thought I would share some of my pictures with you. They are all taken on manual, straight from the camera. Can't wait until our next lesson!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


I absolutely loved my Beth Moore study on the fruit "goodness" today because the word "goodness" is not always the kind of good we think the word means. In the Greek, goodness is agathosune which means "benevolent and active goodness. It is character energized, expressing itself in...benevolent active good. It does not spare sharpness and rebuke to cause good in others. A person may display his "agathosune" , his zeal for goodness and truth, in rebuking, correcting, or chastising." Doesn't that sound like what we do as a parent all the time with our children's discipline? In fact, it is the same "good" word found in 2 Timothy 3: 16:17 when we use teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training to equip us for GOOD work. This kind of good is profitable for the good of the kingdom. Beth Moore states: "God's word is always for the purpose of bringing good. His Word prioritizes GOODNESS over GLADNESS because God knows goodness ultimately brings gladness. "Agathosune" is sometimes pleasant and profitable; other times it is painful and profitable. But the emphasis on the profit will always outweigh the importance of the pain or pleasure."

It is important to remember when we are called upon to deliver a painful exhortation or confrontational rebuke to do it in a manner that is kind. It is no accident that the qualities of the fruit of the Spirit proceeding goodness are love, joy, peace, patience, and kindness. Our words must not be the kind of sharp sword that maliciously cuts and destroys, but instead like that of a surgeon's scalpel that carefully cuts out the bad and leaves the good, so a healing can take place. I just love the word, the whole counsel of God! My prayer would be that I would guard my tongue carefully that words of life would come out of it.

Beth Moore concluded this lesson well. She said, "Self cannot be involved because self must be crucified for the Sprit to be freed in you; therefore, goodness is never a personal issue, nor a personal platform, nor for personal gain. It is never the means by which we take up for ourselves or pamper our opinions. Remember, good works are always appointed, never assumed! We cannot be trusted to do good works until the Word of God does its good work in us. If we cannot accept the teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training of God's word in our own lives, then we cannot be vessels of teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in other lives."

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Israel, God's time clock

Yesterday during one of my fitness classes, one member and I were discussing and solving world events. Of course, the signing of the health care reform by Obama was our first course of discussion,(Good bye freedom, hello to Big Brother), but a topic of greater importance is the conflict America is having with Israel. I find the present climate of political and natural events very interesting. We have the signing of ObamaCare, and the conflict of America and Israel, coupled with the many earthquakes all occurring in the same week. I think it is very interesting that these events are taking place close to our Easter season. Israel is God's time clock and it is ticking. I am hoping God will have something up His sleeve like he did in the book of Ester--the Jews were freed from the terrible slaughter on Passover. It would be nice if Americans could be rescued in like manner. The word is very plain when it states "I will bless those who bless you, and curse those who curse you." Our allegiance to Israel is important if we want to continue as a blessed nation. Unfortunately, we do not have in leadership those who hold the Bible in high esteem.

In Matthew 10:16, Jesus told the disciples: "I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves." I think this scripture is particularly appropriate for believers today. I want to be like the sons of Issachar in 1 Chronicles 12:32 who "understood the times, with knowledge of what Israel should do." I want to understand the times and know what I should do! The following is a link about the talks with the prime minister of Israel, Netanyahu. The comments posted are more interesting than the story itself.

Another interesting blog about the topic can be found at: www.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Strange Fire

I am sick at heart because of the news that the health care bill passed. I cannot believe what depths and lengths these people have sunk to in order to promote and pass the bill. They bluntly do not care about the wishes of the American people and clearly want their own agenda. The turmoil and the frustration going on inside of me is beyond words. How America got to a place where they elected such a man as President and his ilk to congress is unbelievable. Today I do not want to hear the news or see the faces of democrat leaders and I especially do not want to see the face of the President. Perhaps I am learning this behavior from my grandkids. When any ugly, evil, or questionable character or person appears on a DVD, we either have to fast forward through the 'bad parts', or never watch that particular DVD again. How I wish I could fast forward through this, but we cannot. This is reality and not a DVD. The only comfort comes from the fact that God is in control of ALL things, and He is not blind to what is taking place. Our God is a holy God and requires believers to be Holy as He is holy. We must keep our hands clean and our hearts pure and continue to be obedient to the calling of the Lord. Obedience brings about two major results: that we may become targets of blessing and that He may have the pleasure of bestowing it.

The Bible gives many examples of people who were disobedient to God's instructions resulting in their deaths. I will focus on the deaths of two of Aaron's sons found in Leviticus 10:1. "Now Nadab and Abihu, the sons of Aaron, each took his censer, and put fire in it, and laid incense on it, and offered unholy fire before the LORD, such as he had not commanded them. And fire came forth from the presence of the LORD and devoured them, and they died before the LORD." {Lev 10:1-2 RSV}

The very same Shekinah which had consumed the sacrifice now flashes out again to destroy these two priests as they minister. What a shock this must have been to Aaron, to his remaining two sons, and to the whole camp of Israel. There is disagreement as to the reason for their demise. Some commentators say they took strange coal to the altar. In Lev. 9:23-24, when Moses and Aaron came out of the tabernacle and blessed all the people, the glory of the Lord appeared and fire came down from heaven and consumed the burnt offering. We read in Leviticus 6:12-13, that the fire was to be kept burning. God had lit the fire from His own holy hand. Only fire originating from Himself could truly purify and consume, or approve an offering. Therefore, the fire must not go out. God lit the fire, but human hands had to fuel it. Some believe the coals Nadab and Abihu used were lit by their own hands and not taken from the altar of God's perpetual fire.

Some commentators say Nadab and Abihu used incense not approved by God. In Exodus 30:9, God tells the priest exactly what incense to use and says "offer no unholy incense." In either case, a substitution was made contrary to God's instructions. It was not a sin of ignorance, but of presumption. They knew better. They had been forewarned, but they did not heed God's word, and insisted on their own way.

Now, we have a health care bill that contains parts that fly in the face of Godly instruction; specifically the funding of abortion. It is a form of stealing, and substitutes our government in the place of God. (trust and look to the government rather than God.) It is not about health care, but control. Our democratic congress and President are insisting on their own way. Ray Stedman offers great insight pertaining to this kind of thinking.
"Incense, in the Scriptures, is always a picture of prayer. It is a beautiful picture. As the clouds of incense arose before the sanctuary in the evening air, they were a picture to all the people of how the prayers and thanksgiving of our hearts ascend before the God of glory. Incense is intended to be a picture of the prayer and commitment arising out of obedient and thankful hearts. And frankincense pictures, not merely thankfulness for the ordinary blessings of life, but, primarily, thankfulness for the hardships and the difficulties which burn us, the "fiery trials" we must pass through which Peter mentions in his first letter {1 Pet 4:12}, the ordeals of our lives. That is what God is trying to teach us -- that it is a sweet, fragrant odor, a delight to him, to see a heart that is filled with praise and thanksgiving because of the trials we have passed through, a heart which has learned to rejoice in the fact that God has provided opportunity in these difficult times for us to manifest his character, and has taught us great (though oftentimes painful) lessons about ourselves through them. This is what delights the heart of God. And this is what God is trying to teach by the prescribed ritual of offering frankincense each evening and morning.

But that lesson is marred and altered and we are taught a false idea about God by the offering of some other kind of perfume. If perfume is a picture of our happiness and our thankfulness then mere perfume of some other sort would teach that God exists only to make us feel good, that he is there only to produce a modicum of human happiness. The implication of that notion is that whatever makes us temporarily happy is from God. That is the philosophy which today, as you know, is destroying thousands, millions -- the philosophy of hedonism, i.e., that anything which makes you happy is the reason for life, anything which produces any sort of temporary, passing pleasure must be right, because that is what God exists for and that is why we are here. That approach to life is what is destroying so many today! It encompasses the idea of getting a temporary thrill from a shot in the arm with a needle, or of losing a sense of the ugliness of life in an alcoholic haze, or of retreating to some round of transitory pleasure which helps you to forget reality, which makes you happy for awhile. And it rests, ultimately, upon the misconception that all these things must be right because God exists to provide them.

But that is a lie, a lie about God! That isn't what makes us happy. Happiness does not come from some momentary pleasure. It comes from a relationship of freedom, of giving oneself to the God who made us and thus being able to experience our true humanity for the very first time, really, as we learn to yield to God, to give up, to lose our lives and thus to find them again, as Jesus has said."

The whole sale of the health care bill was founded on a bunch of lies. I pray in the following days, the truth will be revealed and the bill be overturned. Our God is a consuming fire. His authentic flame was put in us the minute we became believers and we are told in 1 Tim. 1:6 "For this reason I remind you to fan the flame the gift of God, which is in you." We are to fan the flame to keep the perpetual fire burning. We are the light in this dark world and we must let that light shine so all men will be drawn to Him. The power of prayer is mighty. Continue to pray for our country.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wahoo, I got in!!

Those in my family know my new obsession and hobby is photography. Many of you have had to put up with being my "subjects" as I learn and sharpen my skills. Erynn once told me, "Mimi, can we please quit taking pictures now?" Recently, I found a 7 week class online on the "in's and out's" of your camera, so one will not always have to use the automatic setting. (that is me for sure). The problem was that registration was for a limited number and the date for registration was a night when I would be teaching my Pilates class. I tried to find a substitute for the class, but no one was available. I turned to my husband, asking if he would sign me up. I was thrilled when he said yes. He is the best man in the world! (and not only for that reason, but this takes him up several notches in my eyes) :) I showed him how to enter the site, my password, and everything else I could think of that he might need to know. I told him I would call him after my class to see if I got in. I was very concerned he would loose track of time and forget to go online, but he assured me he had an alarm set on his phone. Was I ever impressed.

After my class, I called and sure enough he got me signed up, but not without a ton of hassles. Apparently, the site crashed, it was filled, then not filled, he couldn't get to the check out when he finally got in, and a plethora of other things. It took him over 30 minutes of "fiddling" to get me in. He said he wanted to quit, but knew how much I wanted the class, so he persisted. Wahoo, I was thrilled. I am the one rewarded for his patience.

2 Peter 3:9, says, "The Lord is not slow in keeping His promises, as some understand slowness. He is PATIENT with you, not wanting any one to perish, but everyone to come to repentance." 2 Peter 3:15 says, "Bear in mind that our Lord's PATIENCE means salvation." I am saved because mercy prompted God's patience. I am the one rewarded for His patience.

Patience is a fruit of the spirit. In our instant society, we have learned impatience. One of the things I like to do is look up the Greek meaning of our English words from the Bible. Their language certainly has more descriptive words for terms than our English language. In studying the fruit of Spirit, I find patience has two meanings: both are equally important in understanding how patience is manifested in our lives through the Holy Spirit. Hupomone is the capacity to bear up under things or circumstances and it is inspired by hope. It is perseverance in circumstance. I picture a weight lifter bearing up the weights. Makrothumia means long-suffering in respect to people and is inspired by mercy. Mercy is fueled by forgiveness. In the parable of the merciless servant in Matthew 18:21-35, a king forgives a huge debt owed to him by his slave when the slave fell before him begging for mercy. This slave went out and found a fellow slave who owed him hardly anything, and he did not forgive. When the king found out what the slave he had forgiven had done, he not only threw him in prison, but the slave was tortured. I have read this parable many times and had never seen the fact that not only was he sent to prison, but tortured as well. Wow, we are imprisoned and tortured by our unforgiveness. The one who will not forgive suffers more than the one not forgiven. In Ephesians 4:1-2, and Colosssians 3:12-13 both contain the word patience coupled with the phrase "bearing one another." It is the Greek word anecho meaning to put up with, forebear.

I am so glad my husband had patience (humopmone, makrothumia, and anecho) when he worked so hard and diligently to get me enrolled into the online photography class. It is an understatement when we declare, "patience is hard work!" Whew, it is ever. Convenience never produces character. I start my class on March 22. I am excited and beware, I may need more "subjects" to practice on, so be patient with me!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Reid's turn

After I looked at Erynn's chart, we went into Reid's room to look at his chart. Reid's chart was of the present month and it had two stickers on it: one on Tuesday and one on Thursday. At the bottom of his chart written in huge letters, was "I CAN DO IT!" His chart was for staying in bed at night. I guess he made regular visits to his parent's room at night. The stickers were given when he stayed in bed all night and did not come out of the room until the alarm went off at 7 a.m. He proudly announced "Alarm" and pointed to the clock beside his bed. So he had two nights when he made it through the night. Laurie told me he stayed in his room all last night and brought the ringing alarm clock into their room at 7--very proud of himself. Very good--he is learning the fruit of the Spirit called self-control. Hopefully, he will have a whole month's worth of stickers soon!

Precious grandkids

Today would have been the day for Erynn and Reid to come over, but they were sick. Laurie had a hair appointment, and we ladies know how important those hair appointments can be, so I went over to their house to babysit while Laurie went to get her hair done. Both were taking their naps, but were up before Laurie returned. Of great importance to both of the grandkids were their new charts. I had to be taken to each of their rooms to see them. Erynn's was marked off in 100 different squares which represented one reading lesson. She had completed about 5 and was very proud of this fact. I am sure she will be reading by the end of the 100 days and we will have to have a celebration. Maybe with a cake in the shape of a book. I saw one done is this style on the Ace of Cakes.

Another event that was on her mind was the rain we had this morning. She told me, "Mimi, it rained this morning and I could have called you to come over with your umbrella and I could have gotten my umbrella so we could go out in the rain...only I was sick, so we will have to do that another time." I agreed and told her, "The next time it rains, you call me up on the phone and I will bring my umbrella, and you can get yours and put on your goulashes and we will make big splashes in the puddles." She then wanted to know if PawPaw had an umbrella so he could come too. I thought that was pretty precious!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Soon Easter will be upon us. Thank goodness for the work Jesus did on the cross, but it is not only the cross but events leading up to that cross that are equally amazing. God's word is amazing. Woven throughout are wonderful insights and hidden treasures all there for our discovery if we will take the time to dig. Right after Jesus and his disciples took the Lord's supper, they went to the Mt. of Olives. Beth Moore explains some significant details of Christ prior to the cross.
To get to the Mt. of Olives, Jesus had to travel through the Kidron Valley. The word Kidron suggests "the gloom of the valley." The valley was a deep ravine which had been a large cemetery since before 1500 B.C. It was infamous for being the center of death and the grave. Christ's walk through the Kidron Valley on His way to the Mount of Olives illustrated this fact: He had to walk through the "valley of the shadow of death", placing death and the grave beneath His feet before He was able to return to the Mount of Olives as King of kings and Lord of Lords. (The Mt. of Olives is where Jesus will come the second time around)

In John 18: 1-11, Judas brings the Roman cohort, officers from the chief of priest, and pharisees. This is the scene of Judas's betrayal. A cohort or "speiran" also a "detachment" was 600 men. Wow, all these people to take one man! It is no wonder considering who they came to take--Jesus fully man and fully God. I would be trembling in my boots to have to encounter God in this manner. John 18:4-8 says, "Jesus therefore, knowing all the things that were coming upon Him, went forth and said to them 'Whom do you seek?'" They answered Him, "Jesus the Nazarene." He said to them, I am He."... When therefore He said to them, "I am He, they drew back, and fell to the ground." Can you imagine? 600 men fell to the ground! What made them fall? Beth Moore in her study, Living Beyond yourself, gives this insight.
In the King James version, the HE in verses 5 and 8 appears in italics, which means the word is not in the orginal test, but is added for our understanding. The following is the exact translation from Greek to English as it appears in the Interlinear Bible. The capital letters are presented exactly as they appear.

Whom do you seek: They answered Him, Jeus the Nazarene. Jesus said to the, I AM! Then when He said to them I AM, they departed into the rear and fell to the ground. Then again He asked, Whom do you seek? And they said, Jesus the Nazarene. Jesus answered, I told you that I AM.

Jesus did not say "I am he." He said, I AM. These are the exact words God told Moses to tell Pharoah. "I AM THAT I AM."..."I AM has sent you." (Exodus 3:13-14)

What knocked 600 armed soldiers to the ground? The God of all creation, El Elyon, the Soverign and Supreme Most Hight God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, stood before them in living, breathing flesh and uttered His perfect, divine, and holy Name: "I AM."( Pages 109-110)

I suppose the soldiers thought they were "something" when they arrested Jesus, but it was Jesus who went willingly. He could have made mincemeat out of them. They could have been toast. Do we not have individuals who act just like these soldiers. They think they are "somebody, or something" and they do not need Jesus in their life. Just like these soldiers, they too, will have to fall on the ground, and bend their knee to Him, the great I AM. I choose to bow my knee to Him now and forever. It is this same I AM that supplies all my needs. He said, "Peace be with you." Lord, I need your peace. I want your peace. The same peace you experienced when you were in the face of extreme trials and knew of the suffering that was to come. I need that peace in the midst of the storm. I need peace to wait for your perfect timing. I need peace in the midst of my tears. I need peace in your plan. Invade me with your peace that passes all understanding and guards my heart and my mind.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Obama the unknown

I read so much good stuff on the internet. This I wanted to save because even if this letter is not true, it is exactly how I feel.

He who loses wealth loses much;
he who loses a friend loses more;
but he that loses his courage loses all. 
Letter from Procter & Gamble Exec to Obama

Please read, even if you are an Obama fan.  It is legitimate,  written by respected, Lou Prichett, formerly of Proctor and Gamble.   Lou Pritchett is one of corporate  Americas true living legends- an acclaimed author, dynamic teacher and one of the world's highest rated speakers. Successful corporate executives everywhere  recognize him as the foremost leader in change management. Lou changed the way  America does business by creating an audacious concept that came to be known as "partnering." Pritchett rose from  soap salesman to Vice-President, Sales and Customer Development for  Procter and Gamble and over the course of 36 years, made corporate history.
Dear President Obama:
You are the thirteenth President under whom I have lived and unlike any of the others, you truly scare me.
You scare me because after months of exposure, I know nothing about you.
You scare me because I do not know how you paid for your expensive Ivy League education and your upscale lifestyle and housing with no visible signs of support.
You scare me because you did not spend the formative years of youth growing up in  America and culturally you are not an American.
You scare me because you have never run a company or met a payroll.
You scare me because you have never had military experience, thus don't understand it at its core.
You scare me because you lack humility and 'class', always blaming others.
You scare me because for over half your life you have aligned yourself with radical extremists who hate America and you refuse to publicly denounce these radicals who wish to see America fail.
You scare me because you are a cheerleader for the 'blame America' crowd and deliver this message abroad.
You scare me because you want to change  America to a European style country where the government sector dominates instead of  the private sector.
You scare me because you want to replace our health care system with a government controlled one.
You scare me because you prefer 'wind mills' to responsibly capitalizing on our own vast oil, coal and shale reserves.
You scare me because you want to kill the American capitalist goose that lays the golden egg which provides the highest  standard of living in the world.
You scare me because you have begun to use 'extortion' tactics against certain banks and corporations.
You scare me because your own political party shrinks from challenging you on your wild and irresponsible spending proposals.
You scare me because you will not openly listen to or even consider opposing points of view from intelligent people.
You scare me because you falsely believe that you are both omnipotent and omniscient.
You scare me because the media gives you a free pass on everything you do.
You scare me because you demonize and want to silence the Limbaughs, Hannitys, O'Reillys and Becks who offer opposing, conservative points of view.
You scare me because you prefer controlling over governing.
Finally, you scare me because if you serve a second term I will probably not feel safe in writing a similar letter in 8 years.  
Lou Pritchett

Bask in Christ's bountiful love today that your joy may be full. Fullness of joy. How lacking that is in our society today. I was struck when I discovered one reason we are joyful is because of our salvation. I believe that is so true. Several years ago, I started a "Thankfulness" journal because I felt I focused so much on the negative that I needed to start looking for the positive on a daily basis. It did work for me, but as I read back over some of my entries about things I was grateful for, I was so surprised to find I had written over and over again, was--"thank you, Lord, for calling me out of the darkness and bringing me into your glorious light!" I am so thankful for my salvation. Beth Moore says, "I believe the main reason we lack an awareness of joy in our salvation is because we are unaware or seldom reminded to what and from what we have been saved." We have neglected "so great a salvation." (Hebrews2:3)

I think I may have to change my theology on the "Book of Life" where the names of believers are written. I always thought your name was written in the Book of Life the minute you accepted Christ as your savior. I read somewhere that assumptions are not facts until you find them in the word of God. Revelation 17:8 says our names are written in the book of life from the foundation of the world. Then in Revelation 3:5 it says "He who overcomes shall thus be clothed in white garments; and I will not erase his name from the book of life." Does this mean, those who reject Jesus (the unbelievers) have their name erased? If this is so, when does the name get erased? Maybe upon your death since your time is up. Hmmm, I do not know, but God does. In one way, I do feel better if this is what happens. That means everyone comes into this world with their name written in the book of life. We all start out on the same footing, but it is ultimately up to us to make the decision to believe.

I am mentoring a high school student right now. For her birthday, I made her a zentangle of the name Jesus, then I outlined the name in all the characteristics of who and what Jesus is. When I gave it to her, I said, there is nothing better that I can give you. Jesus is the best gift of all. When Peter and John meet the crippled beggar, they told him, "look at us...I do not possess silver and gold , but what I do have, I give to you." (Acts 3:4-6) They gave him Jesus. Look at Jesus--He will gives me all I need. Today, I will bask in Christ's bountiful love.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Joy of the Word

I am doing the Beth Moore study, "Living beyond yourself", which is a study on the fruits of the Spirit found in Galatians 5:22.
I am sure most of these entries will be concerned with what I have learned. So many times I do a study intending to go back to write down all the little nuggets of information, but somehow I never do. This one will be different, I am actually going to follow through with my intention.

Joy=chara, meaning "joy, rejoicing, gladness--enjoyment, bliss" It is a celebration.

Nothing brings me more joy, than being in the word of God. He speaks to me, and I find unimaginable delight when I am with the Lord. That may sound a little strange since the Lord is with me always, but there is a marked difference when I am purposely in His presence, seeking Him, listening for His voice, and being moved by Him. I feel it in my heart, which seems to grow bigger. It reminds me of Dr. Seuss's, How the Grinch Stole Christmas. The Grinch, a bitter, cave-dwelling, catlike creature with a heart "two sizes too small," discovers the joy of Christmas, "And what happened then? Well, in Whoville they say that the Grinch's small heart grew three sizes that day." Joy comes from discovery. Do we not see joy written all over the face of a child as he/she discovers something new? I saw it in my own children and now I see it in my grandchildren.

Following Christ breaks the stranglehold of self in our lives as He becomes the center of our universe. We decrease; He increases. (John 3:30). Oh that He invade every cell and molecule of my being. He is my joy. I think knowing God is like peeling an onion. I never get tired of the word. No matter how much I read and study it, there is always something new. I peel back the layers, and there are more layers. Sometimes He shows me something so new, so astounding, so marvelous, that I have tears of joy. It is hardly containable. Although peeling an onion does not bring about the same emotional response, I am peeling back layer after layer, and the tears are definitely flowing. Psalms 34:8 says "taste and see that the Lord is good", I love the way an onion adds that special punch to our food. I especially like enchiladas with raw onion. An enchilada is not an enchilada without that raw onion. "Taste and see that it is good." It is a delight. God is a delight.

"Send forth your light and your truth, let them guide me; let them bring me to your holy mountain, to the place where you dwell. Then will I go to the altar of God, to God, my joy and my delight. (Psalm 43: 3-4)
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