Monday, February 28, 2011

End of the month

Wow, it is already the last day of February!  We are two weeks back from our trip and it seems we have crammed a lifetime in those two weeks.  Naturally, I had to spend several days getting "caught up" after our vacation.  I have always said, "We need a vacation from our vacation."  Last Saturday, 19th of February, we did just that.  We had lunch with Ian and the grandkids at Schlotsky's...that is an adventure in and of itself.  What a delightful time we had!  Erynn and Reid are the best--so well behaved (most of the time), and just plain fun.  Laurie was at a women's conference so she could not join us.  After lunch, Warren and I headed to the Roswell Museum because there was a photographic display that I wanted to see.  Thank goodness Warren loves to go to the Museum as much as I do.  As it turned out, there were other fun things on display as well as the photographs.  It was so worth the trip.

As we were driving home, Warren said, "I have a surprise for you!"  I love surprises--who doesn't.  He would not tell me what it was--only to wait and see.  When we pulled into the Doctor's parking lot at the Medical Center, I was confused.  He told me to wait in the car and he'd be right back.  I did.  He came back out with two little  cylinders in his hand a big smile on his face.  He had two Italian Ices which are kind of like a sorbet.  I was ecstatic. Anything resembling ice cream makes me happy.  We went home and ate them on our back porch.  Such fun!

Here are the Italian Ices...a great surprise! good!
Warren was still have horrible pains down his leg due to the herniated disc in his back.  He was scheduled for surgery on Thursday the 24th.  He was supposed to be in the operating room by 12:30, but nothing ever happens on time medically.  He did not go in until 2:15.  His procedure lasted 2 hours, but his recover took about 3 hours.  He just could not wake up, his oxygen sats were as low as 73 (normal is 99%), and he was nauseated horribly.  At one point, they considered keeping him over night.  The surgery seemed to have worked because he was at work the next day and in the February follies that night.  Thank you Jesus and praise God!

Warren in his non-emboli stockings...waiting.  We did a lot of waiting.
The February Follies costume 
Up close

More silliness
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