Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving...

"The Pilgrims made seven times more graves than huts.  No Americans have been more impoverished than these who. nevertheless, set aside a day of Thanksgiving." -H. U. Westermayer

Thankful for so many things God, my life, my country, my family, my friends...and these are but a few.  Happy Thanksgiving to all.  

Blessings to everyone.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017


"Listen...with faint dry sound
Like steps of passing ghosts,
The leaves, frost-crisp'd, break from the trees
And fall."  -Adelaide Crapsey

Oh, my...the magnificent color of the fall leaves blanket the mountains.  They are gorgeous to behold and they brighten moods, and lift spirits.  We have had some rather strong winds lately, so the leaves are falling rapidly from the trees.  Just a few hang on refusing to give up and let go.  I am so glad to be in NC.  

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Happy Anniversary to Us...

"Love grows more tremendously full, swift, poignant, as the years multiply." -Zane Grey

Today is our 36th wedding anniversary.  It has been a great adventure with this man.  

Happy Anniversary to us!

"Even the most devoted couple will experience a storm once in awhile.  A grandmother, celebrating her golden wedding anniversary, one told the secret of her long marriage.  "On my wedding day I decided to make a list of ten of my husband's faults, which I would overlook," she said.  "I never did get around to listing them.  But whenever my husband did something I didn't like, I would say, 'Lucky for him that's one of the ten.' -unknown

Looking forward to another year with this man.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Difficulties...trials...and testing...

"Life is difficult.  Yes, it is-for all of us to some degree-but we get to choose how we walk through it." -M. Scott Peck, from The Road Less Traveled

Road going to Luke's.  The light was amazing that morning
The road in front of our house, and trees on the lot next door.  (photo by Warren)
It has been 7 1/2 weeks that my primary domain has consisted of my bed and the couch since I broke my ankle.  My body is feeling the lack of movement and the constant sitting.  My hips, back, and neck taken the brunt of the inactivity.  They ache.  I have purposely not searched the internet for information on my type of fracture because I did not want to contribute more fire to the my already existing flames of depression. This whole ordeal has been like a roller coaster ride of emotions not to mention the physical ups and downs.  When I first broke my ankle, I was in a splint for a week waiting for surgery.  In the beginning, it was painful, then I got where the pain was tolerable. My walking buddies came over for lunch...which they brought.  That was a highlight to my week.  Balm to my spirit and soul.  
Then came the surgery, and I started all over again with the pain...which was beyond belief.  Horrendous in fact.  I certainly didn’t want to see anybody except Maggie, my cat.  She took good care of me.  I stayed in bed with ice packs, and pain meds. 
After surgery

Ice Packs are wonderful!

Maggie checking my ice pack

Making sure its still cold
I think I injured my knee as well.  It was very sore too.  This is 3 weeks post accident.

Gradually the pain got better.  Tolerable pain again.  Two weeks later,  the splint from the surgery came off.  Up goes the pain... again.  I was told that my break on the inside of the ankle was in pieces, hence a second plate had to be put in with several screws.  I have 2 plates, and 12 screws.  Originally, I was told I would have one plate and 3 screws.  

I am bionic now.

Caution: gross pictures.
Outside ankle

Inside ankle
I was given a boot rather than a cast.  That boot is a torture chamber.  I keep it off most of the time.  Next out came the stitches.  New pain on the raw incision.  I am told I have to be non-weight bearing for 3 weeks, but because of Thanksgiving, I have to wait an extra week.  My next appointment is November 30, which I am sure will be a new chapter in pain because I have to learn to bear weight and walk again. 

The boot...aka the torture chamber

Getting there! I don't have the prettiest of feet.
 I am tired of the bed and couch.  Like I said, emotions are all over the place.  One day I am good, the next pretty low.  I know God takes us through hard times and things to conform us more into the image of His son.  My situation reminds me of the shepherd who breaks the legs of the lamb because it wanders off too much.  After breaking the lamb’s leg, the shepherd carries the lamb around his neck, so it learns to stay close to the shepherd. I am not saying I am wayward, I am saying this has forced me to turn to my Shepherd much more diligently and purposefully so my relationship has become more intimate.  I was listening to Lou Giglio the other day, and loved what he said.  He used the passage in Isaiah 6:1 where it says, “in the year Of King Uzziah’s death...I saw the Lord..."  Why is Isaiah telling us this, and why is it important?  Because when God moves in our lives, there are markers that are unforgettable.  There is a moment in life that happens so powerfully and so dramatically, that it freeze frames the experience, and we remember everything about it in detail.  It is not a general blur, but it is an intersection with God.  God gives us revelation in our life...about Him and us.  Isn’t that what happened to Saul of Tarsus on the road to Damascus?   In our lives, we have these markers over and over again as God takes us from one level of faith, to a higher level of faith.  It’s like He’s growing and strengthening our “faith muscle”.  I feel like this could be what’s going on in this moment of my life now.  I hope I am a good student and am learning my lesson, because I don’t want to have to go around this mountain again.  This I know from Isaiah 41:20... Just as He took Abraham from the ends of the earth, He has taken me. He has called me.  He has chosen me.  He has not rejected me.  He is with me.  He is my God.  He never changes.  He holds me with His righteous right hand.  
      Today, has been a good day for me.  I am grateful to my friends and family who have helped me navigate these difficult times... and for the letters/cards and flowers/plants.  Most of all, hats off to my man.  He has been my strength, my cook, my hands, and my feet.  He has gone above and beyond.  

My man, my love.  He's the best!
Some of my plants...Maggie smelling the mums instead of roses.
Maggie...trying to look pumpkinish

Some letters and cards...

 "Allow the Spirit of God to minister this truth to your soul: God comes with His strength for our feebleness." -Alistair Begg

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

A bad day...terrible day...

"The ideal man bears the accidents of life with dignity and grace, making the best of circumstance." -Aristole

I was on my way to a workout class at the YMCA on Tuesday, October 3.  On nice days, the instructor takes the class outdoors to the parking lot.  To get to the parking lot, one has to walk down a hill.  I was a little late, and the class had started.  I grabbed my weights, a mat, and headed down the hill.  It was like the perfect storm for an accident.  My hands were full, my shoes old with slick bottoms, dew was on the grass.  The next thing I knew, I was on the ground. I had heard a pop, felt the pain in my ankle, and noticed my foot was not facing the right way.  I knew immediately I had done a number on my ankle, and it was not good.  The people from the exercise class asked me if I was okay, to which I replied, "No, I am not!"  They all came running to help.  They asked what they could do.  I thought calling 911 was a good idea.  And I called Warren, my husband, to tell him I had broken my leg...met me at the ER.   The class put me on the mat and pulled me down to the bottom of the hill.  They got me a blanket to put behind my head, and under my leg, and covered me with someone's jacket.  I was pretty calm even though my ankle hurt like the dickens.

I tried to keep a positive attitude during the whole thing.

Up close...note: I threw these shoes away since they reminded me of my accident.

Waiting for EMS
I was very glad when EMS arrived.  But then I remembered I had worn brand new Lulu Lemon tights.  They were going to have to be cut off.  I was pretty distressed about this because Lulu Lemon clothes are very expensive.  I had bought these at the end of the winter season, and got a pretty good price for them.  I had put them away to wear when the weather got a little cooler, and the day I broke my ankle was that day.  My class members told me they would take up a collection so I could get a new pair.  One of the first comments the EMS personal made to me was, "I hope you don't mind if we cut your tights."
Answering all the billions of questions...

More questions...
 They removed my shoe, and put a pillow around my leg, and off we went to the ER at a hospital just across the street.  Very convenient!!!!  They started an IV, and gave me morphine which did not help with the pain very much, but I was glad to have it.
Here you can see the hill, and the EMS lady is taking off my shoe.
When I got to the hospital, the ER doctor was so wonderful.  She gave me more pain meds that she said were stronger than morphine.  I didn't know there was something stronger.  I was glad though.  She did not want to take off my splint because until the last possible moment to spare me the pain, but she wanted a peak at my leg so she could see what she needed to do.  I told her I had pictures, and gave her my phone.  Who knew the pictures would help.  Being a photographer, I have to have pictures of everything.  The ER doctor was thrilled to have the pictures.  She said she knew just what had to be done.  We'd get X-rays, then she'd put me to sleep, and pull my leg.  Getting the x-rays on something broken is interesting.  At that point, I just wanted it over, so I told the technician just tell me how you want me, and I will do it.  And I did.  It was at this point that I questioned the stronger than morphine pain killers because my leg was cramping something awful, and it was very painful.  So much so that I started screaming.  Lots of people ran into my ER room to calm me down.  It was hard to calm down.  Thankfully, the x-rays arrived, and they put me under.  I woke to a straightened out leg.  Thankfully.  Painful, but straight.  I was splinted and Warren and I went home.
before x-rays

After...It looks much better.

     We were told to call the orthopedist for an appointment the next day.  We called and got scheduled.  I was very thankful that my appointment was with a foot and ankle specialist.  I liked her the minute she walked into the room saying she was so sorry this had happened to me.   I had a trimalleolar fracture with dislocation.  (broken in 3 places) I would need surgery which couldn't be done until the swelling went down.
   Before surgery my walking girlfriends came to have lunch with me.  One of them was on the scene when my accident happened.  She told of how I more concerned about my tights being cut off.  Another one said, "I bet if you called the store, they would give you another pair."  She called when she got home.  Told the store manager the whole story, and she said when I got better to bring my tights into the store and they would give me another pair.  Nice!  I like Lulu Lemon even more. be continued.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Signs of fall...

"The stiller you are the calmer life is." -Rasheed Ogunlaru

Hurricane Irma has hit Florida, and the repercussions of the storm will be felt here tomorrow.  We are expecting winds of 58 mph, and rain up to 6".  This is nothing compared to those in Florida.  The danger here is downed trees and power lines.  We expect our generator to be of great comfort and use tomorrow.  Since the storm is expected tomorrow, I went out today to take photos of the signs of fall that is around the corner as well.  My thought is that the leaves and flowers will not be as gorgeous after the wind and rain.  I love all the fall colors that are in my yard.

Gaillardia...seeds from New Mexico...gathered before I moved.


This little bug carries the color of fall all the time!

This plant is growing up my mailbox.  It looks amazing.

More Gaillardias from Roswell, NM seeds

Lovely rose bud


Coreopsis (and a bumblebee to the left in the flower)

Marigolds...these keep the rabbits from my herb garden.

Zinnia...another flower from seeds brought with me from Roswell, NM

Black-eye Susans...Seeds from Roswell, NM

Flowers in my planter.
My grandson wanted to do some crafts with spiders today.  When we went to the store, I found this huge, very colorful Spider.  It measures about 2.5 feet across.  I like it because of the colorful legs.  I love bright colors, so I was very drawn to this.

Stay tuned for pictures of our windy, down pour expected tomorrow.
Be blessed, and encouraged.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Birthday and others

Whatever with the past has gone, 
The best is always yet to come.-Lucy LarcomCelebration, celebration...of the birthday sorts to my son.  He wanted to celebrate with the Sunday brunch at The Grove Park Inn.  That is exactly what we did.  He told his boys they could eat whatever they wanted and as much as they wanted.  They chose to eat cupcakes, donuts, gummy bears...and there was a few chicken nuggets in there, and some bacon. 
See the donut, and cupcake wrapper?

We all had our fill of good food too.  Since it was his birthday, Luke got a very special birthday finish from the restaurant.

Birthday boy...

After lunch, we went to Luke's where he opened his presents.  I help the boys shop for their own gifts, and sometimes they do pick some unusual gifts.  His birthday cupcake plays the Happy Birthday song and the candle lights up.  After the song plays, you hear someone blowing out the candle and the light goes out on the candle.  It's pretty cute.  I thought they were going to have the cupcake worn out before they gave it to their dad.

They also bought him a bat mobile, and some hot wheel racers.  Gifts I am sure the boys will reclaim later on.
Excited over their gifts for their dad

Tate bought him shoes...just like some of his shoes... so they could wear the same kind of shoes...

Funniest thing of all was the gift we gave him...biking gear...only when he opened the boxes there was nothing in them.  His dad had wrapped empty boxes.  He had removed the gifts, and had put them in another box, but he had forgotten he had done so.  

Then there was the solar eclipse...I went to my friend's house where we were able to experience 99.7% of the eclipse.  
In the background you can see it got dark enough for the street lights to come on.  It was rather eerie.

Looking at the eclipse

Last of all, here are some pictures of the boys.

We go to the library once a week.  They love reading books

First day of school

Picking them up from school.  These signs have to be in the dashboard.

That's all for now.  Be blessed, and encourage one another.

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