Monday, January 30, 2017's what matters most!

"We spend precious hours fearing the inevitable.  It would be wise to use that time adoring our families, cherishing our friends, and living our lives." -Maya Angelon

Recently one of my friends from church lost her husband to cancer.  I went to what is normally called the funeral, but it really was "A celebration of his life."  It was just that; a real celebration of his life on this earth and the impact he made while here. But the best celebration of all was because he is now with the Lord.  Rejoicing.  I did not know this man well, but he was purposeful in making sure that others, particularly his family members, knew the Lord.  The stories the family told of his life were so heart warming.  It, again, reminded me of the importance of family.  Families may have differences, but with the help of God's love, and His ways of forgiveness a wedge doesn't need to be driven between individuals.  It is through love and forgiveness that love deepens, and relationships thrive.  I am keenly aware of how fragile life is: fragile and fleeting.  Let nothing come between you, and your loved ones!

Some of my family that I love dearly...
Tate, Sawyer, and their Daddy

My heart throb!
These are my adopted family...the girls I walk with.  From Left to right: Sarah, me, Darlene, Sharon, Lola, Teresa, and Leslie.  I love these ladies dearly as well.  They are the greatest gift to me.  
Enjoy each other!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Our January photo shoot...just the two of us...

"A photo remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything." -Aaron Susan

Photo shoots done by none other than ourselves are always interesting.  I am thankful my hubby is game...up to a point.  I have to make sure the shoot doesn't take too long.  I wanted to get some photos of us with the first snow we had.  Here's the result. of my life...and willing subject (sort of)

The snow at this point was really wet, so he had to blow hard.

Us...I am thankful for a remote...
I had a snow overlay, and wanted to try it out.

Now with hats, and tea.

And take by Warren.  He's pretty good!

indoors in case you did not notice

And now the bloopers...

And that is a wrap!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Tea time...

"It's always tea time."- Alice in Wonderland

There's nothing I enjoy more than a good cup of Chai Tea..brewed that is.   I was very disappointed when Starbucks quit carrying the tea bags to make a good cup of brewed Chai Tea.  They have the Chai Latte that is loaded with sugar which I do not want.  I'm trying to stay away from sugar.  Warren and I liked to treat ourselves to a cup of the brewed Chai at Starbucks every now and was our cheap date.  We will have to figure something else out to do for our cheap dates.  Until then, I can still brew  my own cup at home... here's to a good cup of tea!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Snow Day and Grandkids...

"One of the very best reasons for having children is to be reminded of the incomparable joys of a snow day." -Susan Orlean

It started snowing Friday afternoon, January 6.   One twin was taking a nap, while the other, who rarely naps, was wide awake lying in bed.  When he saw it was snowing from his window, he jumped up yelling at the top of his lungs, announcing that it was snowing out.  He wanted to go outside even though there was barely any snow on the ground.  I got him bundled up and out he went.  Oh the joy!

Yeah for snow!

The snow came down in large flakes and very hard...

 It was snowed on and off all that afternoon and night.  The next morning we had a nice 8" blanket of snow.  The boys wanted to go out the minute they woke.  Since it was only 7° outside, we had them wait until it was a blazing 22°- the high expected for the day.  It must have taken us an hour to get them all bundled up in multiple layers of clothing and coats.  Out they went oblivious to the cold, and thrilled to be out in all that snow.  Truly a delight for them, and for us to behold.

Winter favorite little tree...

Throwing snow since he could not make a snowball...

After a time of play in the snow, and sledding down the street, nice hot baths warmed the boys nicely.   They did their next favorite activity...watching a show on the iPad.  It was a wonderful day.

Stay warm!
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