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"We spend precious hours fearing the inevitable.  It would be wise to use that time adoring our families, cherishing our friends, and living our lives." -Maya Angelon

Recently one of my friends from church lost her husband to cancer.  I went to what is normally called the funeral, but it really was "A celebration of his life."  It was just that; a real celebration of his life on this earth and the impact he made while here. But the best celebration of all was because he is now with the Lord.  Rejoicing.  I did not know this man well, but he was purposeful in making sure that others, particularly his family members, knew the Lord.  The stories the family told of his life were so heart warming.  It, again, reminded me of the importance of family.  Families may have differences, but with the help of God's love, and His ways of forgiveness a wedge doesn't need to be driven between individuals.  It is through love and forgiveness that love deepens, and relationships thrive.  I am keenly aware of how fragile life is: fragile and fleeting.  Let nothing come between you, and your loved ones!

Some of my family that I love dearly...
Tate, Sawyer, and their Daddy

My heart throb!
These are my adopted family...the girls I walk with.  From Left to right: Sarah, me, Darlene, Sharon, Lola, Teresa, and Leslie.  I love these ladies dearly as well.  They are the greatest gift to me.  
Enjoy each other!


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