Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Birthday and others

Whatever with the past has gone, 
The best is always yet to come.-Lucy LarcomCelebration, celebration...of the birthday sorts to my son.  He wanted to celebrate with the Sunday brunch at The Grove Park Inn.  That is exactly what we did.  He told his boys they could eat whatever they wanted and as much as they wanted.  They chose to eat cupcakes, donuts, gummy bears...and there was a few chicken nuggets in there, and some bacon. 
See the donut, and cupcake wrapper?

We all had our fill of good food too.  Since it was his birthday, Luke got a very special birthday finish from the restaurant.

Birthday boy...

After lunch, we went to Luke's where he opened his presents.  I help the boys shop for their own gifts, and sometimes they do pick some unusual gifts.  His birthday cupcake plays the Happy Birthday song and the candle lights up.  After the song plays, you hear someone blowing out the candle and the light goes out on the candle.  It's pretty cute.  I thought they were going to have the cupcake worn out before they gave it to their dad.

They also bought him a bat mobile, and some hot wheel racers.  Gifts I am sure the boys will reclaim later on.
Excited over their gifts for their dad

Tate bought him shoes...just like some of his shoes... so they could wear the same kind of shoes...

Funniest thing of all was the gift we gave him...biking gear...only when he opened the boxes there was nothing in them.  His dad had wrapped empty boxes.  He had removed the gifts, and had put them in another box, but he had forgotten he had done so.  

Then there was the solar eclipse...I went to my friend's house where we were able to experience 99.7% of the eclipse.  
In the background you can see it got dark enough for the street lights to come on.  It was rather eerie.

Looking at the eclipse

Last of all, here are some pictures of the boys.

We go to the library once a week.  They love reading books

First day of school

Picking them up from school.  These signs have to be in the dashboard.

That's all for now.  Be blessed, and encourage one another.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

What's happened around here...a very mini look.

"Happiness held is the seed;
Happiness shared is the flower." -John Harrigan

I belong to the best camera club ever!  We go on the best field trips ever for capturing great photos. Our latest one was at a place called Poppins and posies.  I love, love, love flowers, so this was like paradise to me.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Catching up with the twins...

"People are forever watching things.  They should be seeing.  I see the things I look at.  I am a see-er." Patrick Rothfuss

I have taken my camera along with me when I have taken care of the twins for weeks now...alway intending to get some photos.  At one time, I wanted to take some everyday to get better at photographing kids and to document our life.  Well- I had good intentions.  Finally, I decided I was going to get some photos.  Here they are:

The boys always want me to shrink them and place them in some crazy scene.  So here is what I did for them.

That's the photos.  I think they had a fun time with the photo shoot, and I did too.  I love these crazy guys dearly.
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