Friday, August 26, 2011

Photo experiments

Okay, I found some interesting techniques on the internet I just had to try.  The first one is from  She won a photo contest with her picture using this method. I realize this is not for everyone, but I like to try things.  Here is my attempt at duplicating it.
So I will not forget how to do this I decided I would write the instructions down here.  I use Photoshop elements 8.

  • Edit photo cleaning up any blemishes 
  • Use a gradient map adjustment layer to turn the picture to black and white
  • Add a brown texture; duplicate texture
  • On the bottom texture, change the blending mode to soft light
  • Top texture is left on normal.
  • Use a layer mask to mask out portions of the picture to your liking.  My PSE 8 does not have a layer mask so I have to use a levels adjustment, drag the layer below the photo, invert (command I on a Mac) to turn the layer to black.  With foreground set to white, paint out the part of the photo to create the mask on the black portion of your layer adjustment.

My second technique I have done before, but it has been a long time.  I like the blue and the "glow" the picture has.
  • Open image
  • Remove color (command U)
  • Filter--distort--diffuse glow
  •  sliders: grainness soft (0)             glow 5             clear 7
  • click ok
  • set foreground to white- select paint brush and brush out some of the photo
  • unlock background layer to layer 0
  • transform (command T on Mac) to scale picture up
  • create a solid color layer adjustment 
  • using the color picker select a blue tone
  • drag this below the image layer
  • on the photo layer change blending mode to screen 
  • Add text
  • sample the color with eyedropper- alt backspace  

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Home again, home again

I feel like I need to repeat the words from Jordan's blog, holy, moly(  see the entry from August 4th.)  Holy, moly it has been way too long since I last posted anything.  At dinner tonight, I was telling Warren I needed to go get something posted.  He told me to take a picture of a post and put that up and say, "here's my post for the day."  I am not doing that.

I am back from my Alaskan cruise with Jane and I am happy to report she was a real trooper and we both had a great time.  She survived and so did I.  We were very slow getting to places, but we got there.  It was cold, very cold, but oh so beautiful.  How anyone can deny God when they look at wonders of creation?  I cannot understand.

These are glaciers, even the part that look like mountains

The Yukon

Seattle...I know, I know...there's no space needle.  I couldn't get it in.
These pictures are panoramas.  I stitched together 3 or 4 photos to get the whole picture.  I was pleased with how they turned out.  I will have more pictures as I get them edited, so stay tuned.

Other happenings around our household:  Erynn has finally learned to swim!  Yeah for Erynn.  I have been trying and trying to get her to go underwater, blow and breathe, and use her arms to stroke.  It is kind of hard to do all those things when she has to hold her nose.  But one day, she said, "Mimi, I have been thinking.  I want to jump off the deep end and you just be there to help me if I need it."  We practiced at 5 feet, then 6, 7, and finally the deepest spot.  She did great.  I just had to help her get level in the water and she swam to the side by herself.  Her stroke needs refinement, but the biggest obstacle is over.  And look at her two new front teeth.  When I came back from Alaska, there they were...all of a sudden.

Erynn's fearless leap!
My what big teeth you have! (from Little Red Riding Hood)
Warren has been doing water therapy for his back after I coaxed him into it.  I crank up the heater to warm the pool water to therapeutic temperature...he complains about it and I am sure our gas bill will be up, but hopefully it will help his back.  He watches T.V. from the floor now...more support there.

Doing therapy.  He has to have a belt and noodle to keep him up.
He has no body fat, and sinks like a rock.
Warren's new watching T.V. position.

I found some rain boots on sale, really cheap, at Target.  I debated whether to buy them since I have lived 58 years without them, but decided I couldn't pass up such a great deal.  I have worn them everyday since I bought them for working in the garden, spraying the bird poop off the sidewalk, spraying the yard for bugs, cleaning the pool, and finally, I got to wear them in the rain.  We haven't had rain in forever.  On of my lady friends, Gail Stokes, (Brandon's grandmother) told me her family went to Ruidoso to the horse races, and it poured rain.  Her little great-grandson who is 2 years old, said, "What is this?"  It only goes to show you, it has been way too long since it has rained around here when a 2 year old has not seen rain to know what it is.

My new found treasures...rain boots.

It's raining, it's pouring, the old woman is happy!

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