Friday, August 26, 2011

Photo experiments

Okay, I found some interesting techniques on the internet I just had to try.  The first one is from  She won a photo contest with her picture using this method. I realize this is not for everyone, but I like to try things.  Here is my attempt at duplicating it.
So I will not forget how to do this I decided I would write the instructions down here.  I use Photoshop elements 8.

  • Edit photo cleaning up any blemishes 
  • Use a gradient map adjustment layer to turn the picture to black and white
  • Add a brown texture; duplicate texture
  • On the bottom texture, change the blending mode to soft light
  • Top texture is left on normal.
  • Use a layer mask to mask out portions of the picture to your liking.  My PSE 8 does not have a layer mask so I have to use a levels adjustment, drag the layer below the photo, invert (command I on a Mac) to turn the layer to black.  With foreground set to white, paint out the part of the photo to create the mask on the black portion of your layer adjustment.

My second technique I have done before, but it has been a long time.  I like the blue and the "glow" the picture has.
  • Open image
  • Remove color (command U)
  • Filter--distort--diffuse glow
  •  sliders: grainness soft (0)             glow 5             clear 7
  • click ok
  • set foreground to white- select paint brush and brush out some of the photo
  • unlock background layer to layer 0
  • transform (command T on Mac) to scale picture up
  • create a solid color layer adjustment 
  • using the color picker select a blue tone
  • drag this below the image layer
  • on the photo layer change blending mode to screen 
  • Add text
  • sample the color with eyedropper- alt backspace  


Jordan said...

I love it! I need some new photos of us to replace our old ones on our photo wall. Want to experiment with us one day when you visit? I promise we'll be good "subjects!"

Rob said...

I would love, love to experiment on you. I cannot wait.

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