Saturday, August 25, 2012

Ian is 40...

It is hard to believe that Ian is the big 4*0* today!  It seems like time has passed way too fast.

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We wish Ian a very happy and blessed birthday.  And many more!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Apples, Art, Antics...

"Faith in God includes faith in His timing."  -Neal A. Maxwell

My neighbor, Diane, has two apple trees loaded down with so many apples that they have had to prop up the branches with boards.  I have gone apple picking twice, the last time I took my grandkids along, and they picked two grocery sacks full of apples.  They were quite proud of all their apples, but I kept thinking, "Oh man, what is Laurie going to do with all these apples?"  Little did she know that her munchkins were bringing home such a huge supply.  Laurie said she thought she would have to make about 400 pies!
We have a lot of apples as well.  Good thing I love apples. Warren and I have certainly eaten our share  lately.  I think we might start resembling an apple tree ourselves.  

Warren went for his two week check up on his back this past Wednesday.  He flew to Dallas, rented a car, and saw the doctor.  We were so excited when he got a good report, because Warren was not sure that things were good since he is still having leg pain.   The doctor thinks the pain will gradually get better as the nerve and swelling settle down.  His spine had a 25 degree curve and it has been corrected to a 10 degree curve, which, according to the doctor is a major difference.
 This is the before X-ray.  The third disc from the bottom has slipped (called lysthesis) out to the right, and was pinching the nerve on the left hand side.  We were told that his disc was black (necrotic), so it was good Warren had this procedure.  I was rather shocked when I saw these pictures.  Poor Warren, no wonder he was having so much pain.
This is the after photo.  A "cage" was inserted between the disc.  Warren's bone will eventually grow into the cage causing a natural fusion.  The cage outline can be seen as a small line just to the inside of the large line on the left side.  There are two rods on either side of the vertebra, which are held in place with 4 screws.  Notice the curve is better.  Now we are hoping that everything else will get better.  The Doctor is very confident that it will!

Today, Warren and I drove to Artesia to take some of my photos to enter into a photo art show and contest.  Entries had to be a southwest theme.  Here are my three:

 I could only enter three photos, and it was a toss up between the black and white adobe house and this photo of a prairie storm.  Most people liked the black and white better so I went with it.
I hope I made the right decision.  More importantly, I hope I win something.  After we delivered the photos, we had lunch at the Well-Head restaurant.  This is one of my favorite places to go for a hamburger.  Too bad I couldn't have a hamburger with my diet.  Warren had the burger and I looked longing at it as he took each bite.  I had to settle for a blackened tuna caesar salad, and I must admit, it was rather tasty.

I wondered how it would be to have Warren home full time during his month of recuperation, and it has been pretty good.   I have always heard stories about retired husbands driving their wives crazy, and I was a little afraid that it might happen to me, but it has not.  I have enjoyed having him home.  Our problem comes when we get into the car, and I am the driver, and he is the passenger.  Here are some of our conversations:

Warren:  You can turn here.  Your going to turn right here, aren't you?  It will be shorter if you turn here.
Me: No, I do not want to make so many turns.  Turns make me car sick.  I prefer to go straight and only make one turn rather than three.
Warren:  You can get over now. (changing lanes).
Me: I hadn't planned on getting over.
Warren:  You can turn right here and go to this bank since it is so close. (The new Pioneer Bank)
Me: I planned to go to the bank on Berrendo (the old Pioneer bank) since it is on the right hand side of the street and on our way to SAM's.
Warren:  Pull up to that line (we are at the gas pump), but you'll have to go around to get to the pump.  Oh, too, late.
Me: Well, I was going to go into this line...see the person is pulling out now.

Me: I am driving, and I am going to get us there, so let me drive.  Try to relax and don't tell me how to get there.
Warren: I am not telling you how to get there; I am only asking "if your are going to turn here."

It is the driving that is going to "drive" us crazy, not his being home.

Lastly, our little Maggie is so cute.  She has such personality.  Without fail, when anyone uses the ice maker on the refrigerator, she comes running.  She likes ice, and especially, she likes ice in her water.  We accommodate her whims and add a couple of cubes to her cup of drinking water.  She drinks it right up, and is pretty happy.  Man, is she spoiled, but we sure love doing it.

She helps out with the chores.  See how she helps me clean the bathroom and load the dishwasher?  Everyone needs a helper like she is.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Afternoon photos with the grandkids...

"The one thing that is always clear in my mind is that people and their stories and the themes of life that I photograph are always more important to me than the process of photography itself." -Peter Turnley

Erynn called me this morning wanting to know if we could go out to do some photos.  She is a girl after my own heart.  Of course, I wanted to go out.  When do I ever pass up a chance to go take pictures.  Even more exciting is that there is SOMEONE who likes to have their picture taken!  I went to pick her up after lunch, and Reid had decided he might want to go.  I told him if he went, he had to let me take a few pictures.  He agreed and away we went.  Our outing and picture taking was a delight to all.  I let the kids play most of the time and did a few posed photos.  As we were driving home Reid said he rather liked the photo session, and it was not so boring after all.  Maybe he will want to go with me more often now!

There's more coming!


I always like it when friend, and fellow photographer, Stephanie, asks me to go along on a photo shoot. She is creative, inventive, and definitely "outside the box."  (Check her out at:  Her cousin was here visiting, and since this is her senior year, she took her out to do some senior photos.  I got to tag along.  I am so lucky and so is Mattie to have such a talented cousin!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Luke...

"May you live to be 100, and may the last voice you hear be mine."- Frank Sinatra

Holy Moly, my baby is 28 today!  Happy birthday to Luke!  I am so glad the Lord gave him to us because he has added such joy and blessings to our lives.  There was never a dull moment with Luke around and I think that is still true today.  In looking at old pictures, I think Sawyer looks a lot like Luke, especially in the eyes!  Here is a trip down memory lane for me.
Just a sweet baby...most of the time.

Luke went everywhere in this walker.  It was a miracle he never turned it over.  This is one of the pictures that reminds me of Sawyer and it has always been one of my pictures of Luke.  I think he is too cute!
I am not sure about that face.

Interesting outfit, and notice the drool.

One of the many cowboy Luke pictures.  He loved this cowboy hat...he even slept in it.  Can't you tell.

Okay, this picture should be before the other one, but oh well.  Notice that his cowboy hat is in fairly good shape here.  So that tells me this picture should be first.  Luke liked his boots, too.  He did not care what outfit he had on, he always had his boots on.  But he was not allowed sleep in them.

I think Luke is about 6 or 7 here.  Baseball soon became his love.

At Peter Piper Pizza.  It was someone's birthday, but I cannot remember whose.

Luke started swimming competitively at 6 years old.  He was particularly good at backstroke.  I think he was about 8 years old here.  At 10, he made Zones which is a kind of junior olympics (held in Seattle, Washington) and he finished 9th in most of his events.  He was seeded 32nd, so he did very well.

Luke's 13th birthday with his Grasshopper Pie "cake."

13th birthday and with Smidge.  

Luke today!

Wishing Luke a very happy birthday and wonderful year.  

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