Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Surgery Day...

I am eating breakfast at the hospital cafeteria right now as my darling husband is in surgery.  I will have you know I have chosen to eat on the outside patio area so I can thaw out.  I do not know why hospitals have to have subzero temperatures...maybe to stem blood flow and reduce the chances of any bugs living.  The surgical nurse gave me a blanket to keep me warm, so I wander around carrying my blanket from place to place like Linus.  I ordered an omelet and it has to be the biggest omelet I have ever eaten in keeping with the old cliche that everything is bigger in Texas.  I could not eat it all.

We have been using the Telenav app. on Warren's phone for our GPS.  There is one in our rental car, but it is so hard to set that I have never managed to get it set.  The Telenav has had us rerouting a lot, and we end up traveling probably 2x the normal distance to try to find the places we want to go.  Did I mention using the App really eats up the phone battery.  Thank goodness we have a car charger!  Warren got that on his last visit here.

It seems like the entire staff of the hospital has been into see Warren, all asking the same questions...who are you, what are you going to have done, and his medical history.  I think the operating room is going to be very crowded... he has a couple of scrub nurses, someone to monitor the electronics, a vitals nurse practitioner, an anesthesiologist, a couple of floaters, the special assistant to the doctor, and the doctor.  Warren was connected to lots of tubes, wires, and leg wear as he was wheeled off this morning.  The procedure will be about 3.5 hours.

I like this hospital.  It is small, clean, friendly, and efficient.  There is a nurse who calls me hourly to give me updates on where they are in the procedure and to let me know that he is doing all right.  I have a movie, and a good novel to help me pass the time.  The doctor was extremely confident about the procedure and outcome.  That helps me feel better too.

I have taken pictures, but I forgot the cord to connect to my computer, so the pictures will have to come later.  Thank you to all who have texted scriptures, and have held Warren up in prayer.  To God be all the glory, honor, and praise.


Laurie said...

We've been praying & will continue! I know what you mean about the cold hospitals. I had the same experience at Baylor Hospital when my mom was having surgery a couple of years ago. Great hospital but FREEZING! Guess we should just be thankful God has given us hospitals :) Thanks for keeping everyone posted.

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