Friday, August 10, 2012

Surgery day 3 and 4...

"The Lord is my portion, says my soul, and He healed those who had need of healing."  Luke 9:11

I entered Warren's hospital room to find him reading the Bible on his cell phone App.  I was impressed.  Here is someone who is in so much pain (remember he cannot take pain killers), and he is doing his quiet time.  Indeed, he knows where his strength comes from!  It is evident to us that God has been so gracious to answer the prayers that have gone up for Warren because he is doing well.  In visiting with his doctor, we found out that part of the device that was placed in Warren's back was actually the doctor's invention.  He has a bone matrix protein that will induce new bone growth around the cage that was inserted where his old disc used to be. Screws and rods were put in to stabilize the back.  He is now 1/2 inch taller and he says his back feels a lot more stable.  The hospital is physician owned, and his doctor is on the board.  He showed us some of the unique structural designs like the dual doors to the trash, and supply closet.  It opens from the room side, and the hall side, so the trash can be dumped and items restocked without disturbing the patient.  The help was outstanding and the food was good.  All in all, it was as pleasant experience as far as surgery goes.  I wonder how much all this pleasantness will cost.  Guess we will find out.

Warren was discharged about 2:00, and both of us were glad to get back to the hotel, and we will be even happier to get home.  He is moving pretty well, gingerly, but well.  He cannot drive,  pick up anything greater than 5 pounds, and he cannot bend or twist.  The bending or twisting will not be allowed forever.

I found this wonderful restaurant called MOOYAH.  It specializes in hamburgers, fries, and shakes.  In fact, that is the entirety of its menu.  Essentially, you build your own burger. There is a form to fill out to pick your condiments, sauces, veggies, and bread type, or if you don't want a bun.  If you don't want the bun, they use lettuce for the top and bottom in place of the bun.  We loved the burgers.  I would have liked to try the milk shakes, but thought I better not, and Warren is not eating very much, so we will have to try one on another visit.  I considered me just finding the restaurant by happenstance a nice surprise and blessing from the Lord.

Zach and his family came to pick me up, and I went to watch the kids in their cheerleading and football practice while Warren recuperated in the hotel.  It was fun to watch 5 year olds learn cheering moves, and I was amazed they did so well.  I got to see Drew do hits, which did not look too fun to me.  I will never understand the fascination with football.  It has to be a guy thing.  I only went to half a football game when my boys played.  I saw Mark hit so hard that his helmet was knocked sideways, and that was enough.  At half-time I had Warren take me home, and I never went to another game that my boys played in.  I told my boys I did not have them to watch them get beat up.  Warren went, but I did not.  That is how I feel about football.  The verdict is out for cheerleading, but I think for a girl, dance is great for developing poise, and balance.  Anyway, it was fun to get together with Zach's family.  Did I mention it was so hot out there, even in the shade!  After all the practices, Zach's family came to say hello to Pawpaw, and I took pictures.  No surprise there.  So yesterday was good for us.  Blessings with fun food and family activities were much appreciated. Isn't God good?  Even in our trials He sprinkles in blessings.  Today will be even better because we will finally get to go home and get to sleep in our own bed!  And Warren says he will be happy to see his cat!


Carol said...

And you know Warren's cat will be happy to see him and you, too! I hope the trip home wasn't too difficult because of sitting that long. Glad you had some family time while in TX Take care, and we'll be praying for continued progress.

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