Saturday, August 11, 2012

Surgical trip pictures...

“Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the sunset, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.”   --Ashley Smith

Warren went for surgery because his desire is to live his life to the fullest potential and has a dream to get back on his bike.  There will be a lot of pictures that tell the story of our trip.  Enjoy.

Boarding the plane to fly to Dallas

With travel there are always lots of lines to stand in and wait, but we needed a rental car.

We met Zach and Adi for lunch at Warren's favorite place Chipotle!

Adi... I could hardly believe how much she has grown.  I am so glad she came along with her  Daddy.  After Chipotles, we went to Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream shop... I know, I know, they are leftist, commies, but they were close.  Warren and Zach stayed in the nice cool ice cream store and Adi and I went out to the Mall (outdoor Mall) and found some nice flower seeds.  She got a batch of seeds and I got a batch.

We had a blast together!

They had a blast together.  Not quite in focus, but I love the subjects.  Adi took the picture.

The next day, bright and early, we were at the hospital.    See Warren's lovely gown and a very stylish hat.    He also had cute white stockings, and gray socks with non-skid soles.  

These were the first set of nurses that gave him his paperwork and tried to start his IV.  After two attempts and failing both times, they brought in a guy who finally was able to get into a vein.  Third time is a charm!

While Warren was in surgery,  I went outside to get my blood flowing after sitting around in the icebox of a hospital.   I couldn't get the whole building in the picture, so I thought the name was the most important part.  This is a Physician owed and operated hospital, and I was very impressed. So was Warren.   Except for the subzero temperatures...but they gave me a blanket fresh from the warmer, and some cutie socks like Warren's.  That helped me forgive them for having such cooler box temperatures.

The day after surgery, and actually more in the afternoon when he had some of the narcotic out of his system.   He was  pretty much done with the throwing up part.  Still looking stylish in his designer hospital clothes though.   Don't you love the new belt?  

Two days after surgery.  Getting dressed to go to the hotel.  That belt goes with everything.  Notice the nice compression stockings that did not compress on his thighs very well because they kept falling down to his knees.  

While Warren was at the hotel,  I went with Zach's family to watch their kid's practices.  Actually,  Meghann dropped off  Zach and Drew for Drew's football practice, and we went to take Adi to her cheerleading practice.

She is on the Texas Longhorn cheerleading team.  Here they are practicing some of the moves.

Adi is having a very good time.  

Cutie pie for sure.

Meghann and Adi

By the time we went to pick up Zach and Drew the sun was setting.  I always like the sun shots and I love this one  of  Adi.  

It was hard to pick out Drew, because all the kids looked alike in their football helmets, pads, and shirts.  Zach pointed out Drew, but it was sure hard to get pictures with everyone  huddled so close together, but I liked this one a lot.  I like the red on his gold face mask.  Too Cool! Notice the little word "speed" above his eye.  That is what Drew has...a lot of speed.  He is fast!

Here's the gang at our hotel room.  If you look real close you can see the new McKelvy in Meghann's belly... okay I am sure I am going to misspell her name...Teigan, or Teagan (that is how I would spell it), or Tiegan...hmmm I don't know.  You will have to ask them how it is supposed to be spelled.  

Here is Drew look handsome.

Drew and Adi

Finally, we are home.  Warren is relaxing in his own bed and Maggie has joined him.  I just love how she is sleeping.  

She prefers sleeping on her back with her legs in the air.  

I think she should have been a gymnast.  I think she is ready for the Olympics!

I saved this one for last.  I took this as we were leaving Drew's practice field.   I thought is was so gorgeous. "Life is full of beauty!" 


Carol said...

Maggie's happy you guys are home, and I know you are, too. Looks like Warren is doing very well. Enjoyed seeing pics of your family time in Dallas.
You guys take care!!

Laurie said...

And to think that Warren was the one who was initially more cautious about getting another cat...looks like Maggie has her new "dad" wrapped around her little finger! :)

Anonymous said...

Hope Dr's recovery is going well. We were doing some reorganizing of our home office and found the note with your blog. Hence I decided to check on it and see what you all have been going thru lately. Please give our best to Dr and wish him a speedy recovery.
Lewis and Judy

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