Sunday, August 5, 2012

Warren and Maggie...

"God never gives strength for tomorrow or for the next hour, but only for the strain of the minute." --Oswald Chambers

The time has finally come for Warren to get his back surgery.  It is scheduled for Tuesday first thing in the morning, so please remember him in your prayers.
It will not be too soon according to him.  We decided it might be wise for him to have a temporary handicap parking permit.  I thought he would put up a fuss about getting it, but he did not.  He has already used it a couple of times, and has been very thankful to have it.  He will be out of his office for one month, but he has a great local doctor who has agreed to cover his practice for the time of his recuperation.  I asked if I could get some pre-surgery photos, and he graciously agreed to let me.  I know he looks wonderful, but does not feel too wonderful.  I made him wear the sunglasses.  He thought they looked dumb, but I thought they looked "edgy."  He is such a good sport!

Maggie really has turned out to be more of Warren's cat.  She is his constant companion.  I think I should be able to get another cat that would be more MY cat, but Warren said, "No."  Too bad, Maggie's mom has already had 4 more kittens.  We have been watching the Olympics nightly and Maggie has been watching them right along with us.  Lately, she has been entertaining us with her own olympic gymnastic moves.  He can tumble like no cat I have ever seen, preferring somersaults the best.  She scores "10" most nights.   She went outside a couple of days ago, and Warren noticed a huge black and brown cat up in a tree in our did not look too friendly either.  We have been known to have neighborhood cat bullies, so he went to check on Maggie to make sure she was all right, and he could hear her meowing, but could not find her.  Together, we looked and looked for her, but could not find her.  We thought maybe she was hurt and could not move.    Finally, I looked up, and she was way up in the tree--I mean way up-- and was afraid to come down.  Warren was going to climb the tree to get her, but I nixed that idea, so we coaxed her.  She finally managed to make it low enough where he could reach her.  Whew.  She is almost 5 months now, and had her last set of shots and a check up on August 3.  She weighed in at a whopping 4.5 pounds.

I wish she would stay out of trees.


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