Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Trip...Part 2

"A friendship can weather most things and thrive in thin soil; but it needs a little mulch of letters and phone calls and small, silly presents every so often - just to save it from drying out completely." --Pam Brown

Whew! Where does the time go?  I was going to get more pictures posted right away, but as you can see that did not happen.  I think the quote above is perfect.  We ladies invested in our friendship to keep it from drying out completely and we had a grand old time.
Our Tea.  We had about 7 courses of kidding.  It was all so formal and Suzanne (at the head of the table) schooled us on proper etiquette. Two important words of wisdom: 1. Do not talk when the hostess is talking.  2.  If you leave the table, make sure to put your napkin in the chair and not on the table or your place will be cleared when you come back.  
First course...a scone with homemade whip cream and jam!  Yum.  This was followed by strawberry soup, quiche, stuffed grapes (yes she actually stuffed those little things), muffins, about 7 different finger sandwiches, and dessert.  We kind of rolled out of the place.  Where was the TUMS.
Getting ready to go under the falls and the beginning of our fashion show.

Now with me in the picture.  Are you ready for our fashion show?...

Here we have a cute and fashionable, plastic poncho.  It is a wonderfully bright canary yellow.  On warm days it will open your pores and make you sweat.  It comes with an attached hood perfect for going under Niagara Falls. It is accented with a black tie which can be tied under the chin or just left hanging.  
The shoes are a must have for everyone.  The blue and green sandal are designed with comfort and safety in mind.  These are perfect to set off any outfit.  See how nicely they go with yellow? 

Just me and a break from our fashion show!

Resting and regrouping after our fashion show.

Back to our fashion show...Next up in our fashion show is the blue poncho in this year's new color: plastic bag blue.  The hood adds that special touch.  You can see here that the bow tie add so much to the total look of the outfit.  How divine.

This is a very versatile outfit as you can see.   Wear it with the hood up or down.  Perfect for that boat ride date.    Right on the front of our beautiful poncho is the fashion designer's name: Maid of the Mist... in business since 1846.  

Again here is the latest in practical shoe wear.  Brightly colored, velcro straps which adjust to all widths of feet.  Perfect for that afternoon stroll on wet surfaces.  You'll want to get yours right away!

Just happy ladies.  

Up next in our fashion show are our designer glasses.  They come in designer white so they will go with anything.  These are especially great with 3D movies.  Chic and glamourous, you'll want several pairs of these. 

The wet look is in for this year!  It does great things for the hair, like getting rid of all that poof.  

Looks like I need a little more of the wet look!  I have mega poof hair.  

Fashion show is over.... More serious stuff now!  Neighbors and friends.  

Eating...what we do best!

Jim, showing us how to use a bow and arrow.

He was a great shot.

I loved this background, and the subjects.


I am thankful for friends.

Jim was gracious enough to take these pictures.  He did a wonderful job.

Looking good for old ladies.

Angels for sure.

At Jim's parent's barn.  

Carol and Pat are in a chick(en) coop.  Aren't they crazy...

Sunset and silhouettes.


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