Sunday, July 1, 2012

I need a hero...

"I need a hero, I'm holding out for a hero 'til the morning light.
He's gotta be sure, and its gotta be soon
and he's gotta be bigger than life."  -Bonnie Tyler

It all began when I saw that bird fluttering up in the tree.  I just had to get my claws and jaws on it, so I climbed the tree...hoping, wishing, and salivating.  I got close, then it flew away.  Rats.  Oh well, next time maybe, and then I looked down.  I was at least 20 feet up in a tree.  Yikes, and holy moly, how am I going to get down from here?  Maybe if I go slowly, an inch at a time.
Nope...this is just too scary.  

There is no way I am going to go any further, so I will just have to yell really loud, "MEOW, MEOW, MEOW."  Does anyone hear me?  Hey, you guys on the back porch eating breakfast.  Can't you see I am stuck in a tree? right now!
Are you coming?  Can't you see me up here?  It sure is a long way down.  Help!!!!
Hmmm.  What is that big metal thing?  Oh a ladder.  Oh good, I am going to be rescued.
 What?  You want me to come to you?  You have to be kidding.  I am scared stiff.  I can't possibly move.  I might fall.  You're just going to have to pry me from this tree.
Whew.  I think he has me...I feel that I am being lifted out of the tree.
 I'll just stay right here on your shoulder.
My hero! 
Maybe I will try a different tree tomorrow.  For now I will watch the birds from here.


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