Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 4th--Happy Birthday America...

"America will never run... and we will always be grateful that liberty has found such brave defenders." --George W. Bush

Today is our Nation's birthday and we will celebrate.  I heard on Rush Limbaugh that Hillsdale College was encouraging the reading of the Declaration of Independence all across America.  Hillsdale will even send a copy of the Declaration to read at parties, events, and homes.  I love our America, and I fear that the America we know, will be no more.  Our liberties are gradually being eroded and a large part of America is clueless to that fact.  I hope we will continue to have brave defenders of our liberty.

My Patriot

I am so glad he let me paint his face.

And add a red streak in his hair.

Don't know about my stance, but I like the sunflare!

I am a little wind blown.
God Bless America!


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