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Birthdays, Travel, and Fun...Part 1

"There is no moment of delight in any pilgrimage like the beginning of it." --Charles Dudley Warner

Where would we be without friends?  How much more wonderful it is to have friends who plan 60th birthday parties revolving around a trip.  The birthday girl is Carol.  Pat had the friend, Suzanne,  who had the house that was centrally located for our travel, and had enough room for 8 ladies.  Kathy got our tickets to "Beauty and the Beast", and our hotel reservations.  Thank you, Suzanne and Kathy!
The Birthday girl, Carol...wishing, and hoping, and dreaming...
So the adventure began.  I traveled with Holly from Roswell, and we met up with Pat and Carol in the Chicago Airport.
Holly and I in the DFW airport eating lunch.
I know it is grainy, but oh well.

Chicago Airport

Holly and Carol...on the tram.
We stayed at Jim and Suzanne Laird's home in Hartstown, PA.  I learned that their son, Luke Laird, is a Country-western song writer who has had several of his songs go to number one on the Country-Western charts.  One was sung by Carrie Underwood. Check him out:  Holly and I slept in his room!!!
Our base of operation...the Laird home.

Suzanne and Jim Laird...what a cute couple with big hearts.
As I was out on a walk the first morning of our stay,  I saw a lot of farmhouses with black buggies in the barns.  My first thought was, "Man, these people must do a lot of carriage rides for tourists."  But then I saw a man working the field in a straw hat, suspenders, and a long beard, and a woman with a bonnet in drab dress hanging out laundry.  It finally dawned on me they were Amish.  Duh! I new I was going to be in Amish country, but I did not realize they were just down the road.
The Barn.

The buggies up close.
Interesting clothesline.  A lot of them are attached to the barn apex.
Amish homestead
The first day we did activities around the town.  Suzanne took us to a park where she told us there were so many Coy fish that the ducks walked on their backs.  She bought each of us a loaf of bread to feed the fish and ducks.  Soon we were not only feeding ducks and coy, but throwing wadded up pieces of bread into the air for the sea gulls to catch.
Here we are with our loaves.
Left to right: Holly, Pat, Carol, Jane, Suzanne, Holli 

My turn to be in the picture.  Me next to Pat...the rest are the same.

Pat feeding the ducks.  Her hair always looks good.  

Carol and Pat throw the bread to the sea gulls.  We were so sore from throwing the bread the next day.

The duck walking on the backs of the Coy fish.

The seagulls

They would kind of stop and wait for you to throw the bread.
After we were out of bread, we went to a soap farm to have lunch and a divine foot treatment.
Now to the Soapworks to get our feet pretty.

Me.  What impressive Hydrangeas!

The lady to the left owns the shop and makes all the lotions and soaps.

Pat shopping.

The Hydrangeas.




Dessert.  Yum my favorite...sugar cookies.

Okay, this is Susanne's sister.  I think her name is Lucy, but I could be wrong.

This is half our group for that day.  There were 14 of us that went to get our feet beautified. 
Here's what I learned by the end of the first day.
1.  Traveling with girlfriends is fun.
2.  There was a whole lot of talking going on.
3.  Leaving on time was not happening.
4.  We ate a lot of desserts.
5.  Our feet felt heavenly after our treatment.
6.  The area was beautiful...and hot.
7.  Susanne's husband was a real trooper to put up with 8 women.
8.  I am glad Susanne's house was big and so was her heart.
9.  I am glad Carol had a 60th birthday.
10.  I am glad Pat talked me into joining them.


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