Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Part 2--everyone arrives in NC

"Families are like quilts. Lives pieced together...stitched with smiles and tears, colored with memories, and bound by love." -unknown

Poor Ian did not fair well with American Airlines.  His plane was late leaving Roswell, and he missed his connection in Dallas by 5 or 10 minutes.  Pretty bad when the next flight out was about 6 hours later.  The only good thing was that he got to see Zach and Adi, and he was on the same flight as Mark and Amber.  They got in so 1:45 a.m.  We were happy to see them though.

Ian took these two pictures.  
I have a lot of pictures, so I am going to post rather than have tons of text.  Pictures are worth a thousand words after all.
Mark and Tate.  Both look thrilled.

Hmmm. Amber and Sawyer have the same expression.
Mark and Amber did pretty well holding the twins until the twins started to shower them both with the meal they had just eaten.  They quickly went to someone else.
I like old trucks. 
I will have the story behind the truck later...
Luke,  Ian, and Mark
 I love my boys, and love it even more when I have them all together.  I am blessed indeed.
I love, love, love how the sun is shining down on Luke and Jordan's home.   
 I think  the sun shining down is like the glory of the Lord shining on this household.  Great is the Lord and great is His faithfulness!
My picture of everyone.  A passerby took this...sorry about Ian's head getting cut off.

Maybe he's not too happy about getting his head cropped.  

Here are the famous white squirrels that are only in Hendersonville, and one other  town.  
Warren is telling me I have to come to bed, so I will add even more pictures tomorrow.  I know, I know...there are a lot of pictures. But I love it!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Part 1 of our North Carolina trip

"Children will not remember you for the material things you provided, but for the feeling that you cherish them."  --Richard Evans

Most of the McKelvy clan headed out to North Carolina to see Luke's family and meet the new additions (Tate and Sawyer) for themselves over the Memorial Holiday.  Warren and I were the first to arrive, and miraculously with no complications with American Airlines.   When that happens, I do not mind the trip so much. Besides, I had some movies to watch on my iPad...(Evelyn, which is based on a true story and very good, A Little Romance, it is cute and fun! and lastly, We bought a Zoo, which is also based on a true story, and good as well).  I could hardly wait to leave Roswell...
Roswell's huge for now!
And get into Greenville, SC.  I had a window seat, so I got to behold the glory of God.  Look at these beautiful and awe inspiring that is for sure.
The heavens declare His glory!!!!

I love the way the sun's rays were captured in this photo.

Greenville, SC
Luke picked us up at the airport; we went to Chipotle's for a fine dinner, and then on to Hendersonville where we got to see how much the twins had changed.  I was amazed to see they had blue eyes.  Since Jordan has brown eyes, and Luke green, I figured there was not a chance they would have blue eyes, but they did.  Of course, I am told that is subject to change, but we will see.  I did the calculations based on what I remember from my genetics, and there is a 1 in 4 chance one would have blue eyes, and for both of them, a 1/16 chance.  Regardless of the eye color, I was so happy to see them, and so was Warren.
Mr. Sawyer...too cute!

"Grandchildren are the crown of old men."  Proverbs 17:6a
Tate hamming it up for his Pawpaw.

Luke trying to feed Sawyer rice cereal and it is not working very well.

Mr. Tate

Mimi and Tate
I bought a new camera: the Canon Powershot SX40 HS, specifically to use on trips where I do not want to lug around all my lenses and big camera. This camera has a focal range of 24 to 840, so it is a macro, wide-angle, and telephoto all with one cool!   It was probably not the wisest choice to bring a camera that you are totally not familiar with, but I did.  Unfortunately, there was no manual (you have to ask for it...and it is on the way), so I had to guess at a lot of things.  Mostly I kept it on automatic, and let it do all the hard work because I could not figure out how to change the aperture or shutter speed.  And all in all, I am pretty happy with it, but I still like my big camera better.

More pictures of the rest of the clan and our activities tomorrow, so come back!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sew What...

I spotted this sewing machine tucked in a corner at Copy-Rite and had to take a picture of it.  I felt this was the perfect composition with the basket, thread, scissors, and even a trophy in the back.  The owner of the business still uses this machine to sew her creations.
While waiting for Warren to meet me at Schlotzski's, I spotted these beautiful Holly-hocks and had to get a photo of them as well.  The added bonus were the little bees buzzing around the flowers.  I even managed to capture them too.

"Sew" what do you think about that?

Friday, May 18, 2012

Maggie is 2 months...

"Photography to me is catching a moment which is passing, and which is true."  --Jacques-Henri Lartigue

It is hard to believe this little fur ball is two months old, which meant a trip to the Vet's for her shots and a check up.  She is two whole pounds...on the dot.  I missed my moment for photos at the Vet's...she was just too scared for me to get any photos.  Maybe next time.  Maggie has adjusted to her new surrounding rather well.  Yes, she has us wrapped around her little paw.  She greets us very enthusiastically when we come home, and she no longer runs to hide from us.  She loves Redi-whip cream, and her favorite spot to rest is between Warren's feet, or in his lap.  Hmmm. Wasn't it me who wanted the cat?  She is learning the meaning of "NO."  No, you cannot eat the plants; no, you cannot climb into my artificial flower arrangements; no, you cannot play with the curtains; no you cannot get on the table; no, you cannot chew on the electrical cords.  I went to get my earphones for my iPod and found them in two pieces.  Hmmm, I wonder how that happened?  Note to self: do not leave your earphones on the floor.  She will go around the forbidden and tempting places, then look at me. She tests the boundaries just like a kid.  So here's Maggie...
Can't I please get in the plant? Oh, Please!!!!

Okay, I won't mess with the plant, but I want to.

I will play with this rose instead. (I gave her this fake rose to play with.  She really goes after it).

Okay, I will pounce on it, and kill it.

"This foot looks like it needs to be cleaned." (I think she must be the cleanest cat paws around).

 "What is that thing?  A tail?  I better get that too"

Aren't I cute? 

"What is that black box pointed at me?  It makes funny noises.  Camera?  What's a camera?"

Ahhh.  Sunshine on my shoulder.  

Can I get tan?

Okay, enough cuteness.  Until next time!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sites of New Mexico...

I love New Mexico.  There is nothing that brings me more joy than to uncover the beauty around me.
How many times have I driven by this abandoned building right outside Vaughn.  Finally I stopped and took a picture.

These horses are on a building in Mountain Air.

Mountain Air

Out in the sticks.

The other side.

I love old buildings.

Okay, I think this was in the town of Clauson, NM.

Beautiful rainstorm.  Rare sights around here.
Just some photos I find interesting.
Old truck outside of Dexter, NM
Same Truck in the daytime.

Old Bar in Dexter, NM

I love the texture of this doorknob.

Inside an old abandoned house in Dexter, NM

What can I say, I like doorknobs too!
The door in the old house.  I like the feeling and mood here.

Fellow photographer, Jennifer, inside the abandoned house.  Isn't it just a great house.
Finally, Me!
Me and the truck.
More of the old truck.
Cowgirl, Rob.
"Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God's handwriting." --Ralph Waldo Emerson
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