Friday, May 18, 2012

Maggie is 2 months...

"Photography to me is catching a moment which is passing, and which is true."  --Jacques-Henri Lartigue

It is hard to believe this little fur ball is two months old, which meant a trip to the Vet's for her shots and a check up.  She is two whole pounds...on the dot.  I missed my moment for photos at the Vet's...she was just too scared for me to get any photos.  Maybe next time.  Maggie has adjusted to her new surrounding rather well.  Yes, she has us wrapped around her little paw.  She greets us very enthusiastically when we come home, and she no longer runs to hide from us.  She loves Redi-whip cream, and her favorite spot to rest is between Warren's feet, or in his lap.  Hmmm. Wasn't it me who wanted the cat?  She is learning the meaning of "NO."  No, you cannot eat the plants; no, you cannot climb into my artificial flower arrangements; no, you cannot play with the curtains; no you cannot get on the table; no, you cannot chew on the electrical cords.  I went to get my earphones for my iPod and found them in two pieces.  Hmmm, I wonder how that happened?  Note to self: do not leave your earphones on the floor.  She will go around the forbidden and tempting places, then look at me. She tests the boundaries just like a kid.  So here's Maggie...
Can't I please get in the plant? Oh, Please!!!!

Okay, I won't mess with the plant, but I want to.

I will play with this rose instead. (I gave her this fake rose to play with.  She really goes after it).

Okay, I will pounce on it, and kill it.

"This foot looks like it needs to be cleaned." (I think she must be the cleanest cat paws around).

 "What is that thing?  A tail?  I better get that too"

Aren't I cute? 

"What is that black box pointed at me?  It makes funny noises.  Camera?  What's a camera?"

Ahhh.  Sunshine on my shoulder.  

Can I get tan?

Okay, enough cuteness.  Until next time!


Carol said...

Maggie is a beauty. Watching kittens play is a lot of fun, and the companionship they provide is something only "furry friend" lovers can appreciate. Looking forward to seeing many more pictures of cuteness.

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