Sunday, May 6, 2012

Meet Maggie

"A kitten is chiefly remarkable for rushing about like mad at nothing whatever, and generally stopping before it gets there."
Agnes Repplier

On Wednesday, May 2,  I went to pick up and bring our new little kitten home.  I was very excited about it.  Maggie is the most adorable and beautiful kitten.   I knew it would be traumatic for her, so I fixed up the laundry room as her "safe room" and since she has been an outdoor kitten, a safe place in case she has accidents while learning how to use the cat box.
She seemed to take everything very well.  I did not hear any loud "meowing", and she seemed quite content in her little cat house, which was her cat carrier when I went to feed her the next morning.  The greatest thing was she found the cat box and is using it fine.  In fact, she takes forever to scrap out her perfect spot, and then covers everything with the entire kitty litter.  Her covered mound resembles Mt. Everest when she is done.  She has a mouse toy, compliments of Amber, Mark's wife, which she loves.  It did have feathers, but she has pretty much destroyed or eaten them all.
She loves her mouse.

See the green feather stuck on her face!

She is on a schedule for her eating, grooming, and social time.  She loves to watch T.V. with Warren and me.  Since she is so little, and tends to hide, I decided it might be wise to get a collar with a bell on it, so I could find her as I was introducing her to her new environment.  Today, she had the run of the house, but she was content to stay close to us.  I have been more careful with the outdoors.  There are just too many places to hide, and I want to make sure she will come when she is called before I give her free reign outside.  Right now she has to stay close to me when we are outside.
Lounging in her bed.
Erynn left her bow, so I put it on Maggie's collar just for fun.  She did not seem to mind at all.

Welcome Maggie, and many thanks to the Berry's for taking care of her in her beginning of life.  So far, so good!  


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