Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I like these women...

There are certain people who have an impact and greatly influence your life and it can go either way: for good or bad.  Well, there are two ladies that I absolutely love, enjoy, wish I was more like, and all that good stuff.  Who are they: Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummnnd, http://thepioneerwoman.com/ and Beth Moore, http://blog.lproof.org/.  I like them for different reasons.

Beth Moore:
Who cannot relate to Beth.  She is down to earth, but spiritual, and reveals enough about her life, both past and present, that I think, "Oh, I have been there, done that, and gotten the T-Shirt." So here are the things I have gleaned from her that I really like.

1.  She is faithful to be in the Word and study the Word, even when she had young children.
2.  She loves her man, and lets everyone know how great he is.
3.  She devotes her time to family.  Her job as a Bible teacher is second.
4.  She went to great lengths to make sure the word was taught to her kids.
5.  She did not cram religion down the throat of her husband.  She let God deal with him.
6.  When she is speaking somewhere, she prays in the area WITHOUT her makeup on.  She comes before the Lord as she is and after she prays, she "puts her face on."
7.  When she and her husband pray together, she always positions herself LOWER than her husband to acknowledge that she is in submission to him, and he is head over her.  
8.  She is funny.

Pioneer Woman:
I think everyone loves PW.  I first found her blog because of photography, and her free actions.  (I do love those actions).  I never read the other things very much until others would ask, "have you read PW blog today?"  So I began reading it.  I love how she writes.  It is entertaining, to the point, and not to the point at the same time.  Her recipes are to die for, and will literally kill you if you are a city slicker and don't work off those billions of calories.  What I like about Ree.

1.  She is faithful to post to her blog and encourages others to do likewise.
2.  She takes amazing pictures, and I wish I did too.
3.  She loves her man, and lets everyone know how great he is.
4.  She devotes time to her family first; all the rest comes second.
5.  She loves the Lord.
6.  She home schools her children.  (how can anyone send their child to public, and unfortunately some private schools?  It like sending them to the wolves).
7.  She is hilarious.  Her book, From High heels to Tractor Wheels, is the only book that had me laughing out loud through the whole  thing.  A must read.

The  things these women have in common is: 1.  They love the Lord.  2.  Family is more important than  their work.  3.  THEY LOVE THEIR MAN, AND EXPRESS IT CONSTANTLY TO OTHERS.

Ladies, be appreciative of your man.  Love him.  He is a gift from the Lord.  Our purpose is to be HIS helpmate.  Be his helpmate, and you will be the most blessed woman on earth, besides me.

"If he...
makes you laugh...
kisses your forehead.
says he's sorry.
makes an effort.
Holds your hand.
Works hard.
Attempts to understand you.

Then...believe it or not...
He's quite perfect."


Laurie said...

I like the part in the quote about how our men "attempt" to understand us. My dear hubby tries, bless his heart... but I think we women are impossible to understand at times. LOL. I don't even understand myself most of the time!

Rob said...

So very true! It is in their trying that we are able to give them grace, and love them all the more.

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