Thursday, September 8, 2011

More photo experiments

I spent the Labor Day weekend and the next couple of days organizing my photos.  Well, I do have them organized by date, but I like to put them in folders according to people and events.  The trouble with me is that I take a ton of pictures and upload them all.  I always tell myself I will go back and sort out the bad later, but my later tends to be months.  I was very from May to present.  I was ruthless and got rid of over 5000 pictures.  (I hope I don't regret it later).  My intent is to keep the good ones, edit them, post them, and move on.  They will be ready for when I want to make an album or something else.

I am experimenting; trying to get the best photo ever.  I see so many blogs with these amazing pictures.  So today, when my house is desperately calling to be cleaned and I am in need of a shower, I am side tracked editing.  Here is one picture with several different processes.  I like them all.

Pioneer Woman 70's Action

Pioneer Woman BW action

Pioneer Women fresh and colorful action


Laurie said...

Pretty cute :)

Jordan said...

Ohhh, ahhh, I love them :)! One day, I'd like some pregnancy shots when I'm normal and round-looking. Wow, what a gift you have!

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