Sunday, September 25, 2011

At the Park

On Thursday we took our grandkids for an afternoon of fun at the park.  They remembered the last time we went to the park, we had stopped at Dairy Queen for a cup of their wonderful soft serve, so naturally, we had to do that this time.  I think it is going to be a tradition.  Our granddaughter soon noticed there was a walkway that went under a bridge and wanted to explore it.  What grandmother can turn down a request of their grandkids, so we went.  There must have been a ton of graffiti there at one time, because there were spots of colorful paint in blocks at various points along the concrete walls.  These make an awesome background for a picture.  And if you know me, you will know I had my camera.  I had to get some pictures.

Of course there are always trees at a park that beg to be in pictures as well.  We have the obligatory tree picture. 

Our outing was a success to be sure.  They had ice cream, lots of fun, and I got some great pictures. I count it a blessed day.  Thank you, Lord!


Laurie said...

Enjoyed reading the post. Love, LOVE the black & white of Reid, and the third picture.. Erynn's profile picture. Sounds like you all had a fun afternoon. Erynn told me about hte boy who had a "real gun" (I'm assuming NOT, of course) and was "shooting at her". She said you & Warren took care of it ;)

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