Saturday, March 27, 2010

Photography class

I have completed the first week of my photography class, and my head is spinning. We are not allowed to use the automatic setting in the class, so I have had to take a lot of pictures to get things right. I know from reading the message boards that I am not alone in my ignorance when it comes to taking manual pictures. Our assignment for this week was to take a picture showing motion in a slow and high shutter speed. One of the pictures posted in the gallery was of a man dressed in a business suit, jumping down his front porch steps. This was not just one or two steps, but about 6. The description said, "my darling husband had to jump about 5 times before I got my settings right. I can relate because Warren is often my subject who has to do all sorts of tricks so I can fulfill my assignment. He was quite pleased when I picked some of my high school students to be my subjects for the fast and slow shutter speeds.

Our creative assignment was to find an everyday object and take a picture of it. I had several pictures and asked Warren to help me select the "right" one. He was going through the pictures when he came across several photos of dandelions. I thought he was going to comment on how great they were. Instead, he said, "where did you find these dandelions?" "In the front yard," I said. His reaction was one of agitation, not quite the reaction I was wanting. Then he said, "I thought I had pulled of of them." I am sorry to say, I found several and used one as the "right" photo.

I thought I would share some of my pictures with you. They are all taken on manual, straight from the camera. Can't wait until our next lesson!


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