Thursday, March 11, 2010

Precious grandkids

Today would have been the day for Erynn and Reid to come over, but they were sick. Laurie had a hair appointment, and we ladies know how important those hair appointments can be, so I went over to their house to babysit while Laurie went to get her hair done. Both were taking their naps, but were up before Laurie returned. Of great importance to both of the grandkids were their new charts. I had to be taken to each of their rooms to see them. Erynn's was marked off in 100 different squares which represented one reading lesson. She had completed about 5 and was very proud of this fact. I am sure she will be reading by the end of the 100 days and we will have to have a celebration. Maybe with a cake in the shape of a book. I saw one done is this style on the Ace of Cakes.

Another event that was on her mind was the rain we had this morning. She told me, "Mimi, it rained this morning and I could have called you to come over with your umbrella and I could have gotten my umbrella so we could go out in the rain...only I was sick, so we will have to do that another time." I agreed and told her, "The next time it rains, you call me up on the phone and I will bring my umbrella, and you can get yours and put on your goulashes and we will make big splashes in the puddles." She then wanted to know if PawPaw had an umbrella so he could come too. I thought that was pretty precious!


Laurie said...

Proud to report Erynn is now on Lesson #8! Moving right along. Maybe soon she'll be able to read to her little brother or maybe even to her Mi Mi!

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