Sunday, May 2, 2010

Erynn's 5th Birthday

Who needs utensils?

Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday celebrations were in order on Friday, April 30th for Erynn as she turned 5 years old. It is hard to believe she is already five. She is growing up fast! Festivities began with an evening meal of Pizza--picked out by Erynn herself-- salad, chips, and dip. Yummy. For her cake, she had Cherry cupcakes with buttercream frosting and ice cream. She was certainly popular because she had many phone calls from all the people who love her dearly--all wishing her a happy birthday. She opened her many presents, we watched a video of her 4-5 year events, and looked through several old photo albums. Photo albums are just the best.

I found a website for awesome scrapbooking--digitally as well as paper. There are great classes, supplies, and forums. I am currently enrolled in a photography class offered on the website. It is One thing I like is the encouragement to scrapbook little and big events. They offer all kinds of challenges to get you motivated and inspired.

I took some pictures of Erynn's birthday, but I am not very good at indoor shots yet. Indoor lighting was this week's assignment in my photography class. I was disappointed with the pictures--they were not the sharp, crisp images I wanted. But now, I think I know how to correct that. So maybe next year they will be better.

Happy Birthday, Erynn. Your Pawpaw and Mimi love you dearly!


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