Saturday, December 15, 2012

December: Day 15...Snowman...Maggie and blanket...

"Snowflakes are just unassembled snowmen." -Unknown

A package came in the mail today from my good friend and prayer partner, Carol.  She sent me several things, but the gift I like most is the snowman night light that is like a snow globe, and it changes colors.  Besides these wonderful things, it has the cutest face and mittens.   I am very partial to snowmen tree is decorated with snowmen, and they are a weakness when it comes to buying them.  Some women buy shoes, or purses, or jewelry.  I buy snowmen.  See how cute it is:

This is just one snowman night light, but all the different colors it changes.  So cool!
Our little Maggie is so precious to least most of the time.  We are still working on her social skills.  She loves to fight.  (I think she got this trait from Mark.) She can jump, tumble, and roll like no cat I have ever seen.  Plus she is fast.  When she gets really wound up, she bites.  We are trying to teach her to be a lady, and act like a lady.  Other times, she will crawl into your lap, and tuck her head under your hand because she wants to be rubbed.  One of her nightly rituals is to suck on my flannel rag quilt.   She finds an unfinished edge, and kneads, and is her pacifier.   I took a picture of her in the act, and videoed it as well.  Make sure you listen to her sucking noise.  

Maggie and her blanket...the design on her blanket is cats.  That must be why she likes it so much!

Maggie in action with the
 blanket she uses for a pacifier.


Carol said...

Maggie is such an adorable cat and entertaining. Who could ask for anything more? She and her blanket are a sight. Fun!

Yes, you are a snowman person!!

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