Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December: Day 10...Rob

"For with you is the fountain of life; in Your light we see light." -Psalm 36:9

I am tired, physically and mentally, but I think I am about to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  My 95 year old neighbor, Jane,  that I take care of had a stroke on...well sometime last week.  I took her to the ER on Saturday morning, and did not get out of there until 9 hours later.  We had to wait until a bed was available since the hospital was full.  She is a little confused, cannot use her left side very well, or see very well.  I have had to feed her all her meals, and was told she will need 24 hour care when she is discharged.  I have been busy setting up her care, and moving her from one room to another in the assisted facility where she lives.  I hate moving, but with two other ladies helping me, we got all her stuff moved and in place.  It looks quite nice, and I think she will like and enjoy her new room.  Just when things were looking pretty good, her husband had a stroke, so I have been in the ER again, and helping with him until his son can get here.  He came tonight.  Things are in place for them both, so hopefully I can stay home and get something done around here.

It was pitch black outside when I took this picture.  The only light was from the Christmas lights on the fence.   I used a very slow shutter speed of  20 seconds; snapped the picture, then ran in front of the camera and waited.  (ISO= 100; f/10,  speedlite flash)
A huge bright spot for me was the annual Christmas party put on by one of my friends.  It has to be the best and funnest party that I have ever attended.  This year we were supposed to come in an "outrageous" sweater.  We had a sweaters with Poinsettia's on them, tampon fringe, and panty liner slippers, bells, ornaments, and tinsel.   We had some sweaters with huge Christmas light bulbs in the chest (use your imagination), and ones that looked like Santa.  These girls were very creative.  Of course, there was a prize for the best "outrageous" sweater.  I did not win, but that was okay.  I had fun.

This sweater has to be 30 years old.  I cannot image why I still have it.  It has the huge shoulder pads.   I decorated it with ornaments,  a bow,  earrings,  pipe-cleaners, a high heel shoe, and a small Christmas stocking.  It is buttoned wrong on purpose.  My headband is two snowman with scarves.  
In the good and bad times, Christ is still Lord, in control, and is our anchor that holds.  He sustains, refreshes, and renews.  In Him is fullness of joy.  He is my rest.


Carol said...

Love your sweater! :) I think it was last year I got rid of all my old huge shoulder pad sweaters. Should have saved one or two because there is a trend now about "outrageous sweater" and "Ugly Sweater" parties. In fact, Carie has one to attend, but we no longer have any of those old sweaters for her to wear. Several Christmases ago one of Don's co-workers said her daughter came to her house and wanted to go through her mom's closet because she was invited to an "Ugly Sweater" party. Teresa asked if she should be insulted :). Yes if her daughter chose a sweater Teresa currently wears! Merry Christmas!!

Rob said...

I need to go through my closet and get rid of more than sweaters. One of these days...

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