Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December: Day 19...New Camera...

"Keep your love of nature, for that is the true way to learn to understand art more." --Vincent Van Gogh

It has been a hard week for me.  Some I have brought on myself, and some by others.  I am happy to report that Jane is doing pretty well.  I have physical and occupation therapy working with her and she is responding.  Next, I got in my new computer, and imagine my surprise when it had no CD or DVD drive.  Seems that is the way things are going to be going.  Everything will be a download from the internet.  My iDVD program is no longer available, so I bought DVD creator which is horrible.  I have been on the phone and emailing them for two days now.  I am so unhappy with it.  My stress factor went way up in dealing with these issues.  But there is a bright spot.  I got a new camera.  I used my cash rewards from my Discover card, so the camera only cost me, out of pocket, about $15.00.  It is a Canon 5D Mark ii, and it is amazing.  There is nothing that works better for helping me destress than to go take pictures.  That is what I did this morning.  Here are some of my favorite subjects doing their morning thing.

Beard trimming time.  I like that he keeps it well-groomed.  I hate scraggly looking beards.

Maggie, looking for some mischief to get into.  She will find it.
Then I went out to see what I could find to photograph this morning at the Smith's bird sanctuary which is right off the walking trail.  It is our only little bit of water that is close, and is somewhat pretty.  Not stale, and stinky.

Yeah for cat tails.  I like cats!

I was trying to capture the sun's reflection in the water...see it in the middle of the lower third of the  picture?

The pond.

Too bad these trees are not decorated for Christmas.  I wanted to catch the reflection in the water.  
So far, I love my camera, some of my stress is gone, and I am glad I went this morning because it is blowing something fierce outside right now.


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