Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December: Day 3...

"The habit of reading is the only enjoyment in which there is no alloy; it last when all other pleasures fade."- Anthony Trallope

My purpose in documenting each day in December is to capture our daily life as it is caught up and transformed by the beauty and wonder of the Christmas season.  I want to remember something special about each precious day.  I fix a Warren and I a smoothie each morning made with my homemade Kefir which is supposed to be high in probiotics, and be beneficial to your body is so many ways.  This morning I made a pumpkin kefir using canned pumpkin.  It was kind of like drinking pumpkin pie with sour cream on it instead of whipping cream.  Yum!  It was a delicious delight to the tongue.

Morning would not be morning without the familiar face of Warren buried in his Bible, book, or magazine.  Please note that he reads his Bible and devotional before he picks up any other reading matter.  This morning I snapped a picture of him which included the wonderful pumpkin smoothie.

How I love this man.
I am one day behind on my December Daily entries.  Yesterday was so crammed full that I did not get any writing done.  One of the things I did was to attend the memorial service of Asa Paschall which was bittersweet.  Sad in that he is no longer on this earth, but we are rejoicing that he is with Jesus.  He knew and loved the Lord dearly.  The Paschall family has been intertwined with our family for three decades.  When we attended First Assembly, Mark and Luke were in Trisha Paschall's (Asa's mother) children's class.  On the first day of Ian attending Central Christian School, the first person he met was Asa Paschall (the son and name sake of Asa). Judy Paschall, wife of Asa, is Warren's office manager and billing specialist along with her daughter, Melissa.  Darren Paschall, son of Terry Paschall and brother to Asa, was one of Mark's best friends when they played baseball together.  Anyway, it was a lovely service, and a great celebration and tribute to Asa's life.  He was one of the kindest men I know.  He left behind a wonderful legacy.

Asa Paschall
September 1, 1947- November 29, 2012


Carol said...

What a tribute to two special men who put first things first. One of whom has reached his true home ... Judy once told me Asa never missed a day reading his Bible. And Warren who reads his Bible before reading other materials that interest him. Great examples!! And I love anything pumpkin so your smoothie sounds and looks delicious!

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