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Thanksgiving was different for us this year.  I was in SAM's with my good friend Deborah.  She had come to town for a day of quick shopping with her mom.  When she's in town, she calls to see if we can get together, even if it is only for a couple of hours.  I was debating what kind of turkey to buy...smoked, just a breast...or maybe not a turkey at all.  I said that I hated to buy a turkey just for Warren and me.  That's when she said, "Come to Carlsbad, and have Thanksgiving with us.  It will just be family."

This is her "just" family...people from Montana, Kentucky, and various parts of New Mexico.

So we went...
Warren driving...I love to take pictures of him driving...

...and I am so glad we did.  We had a wonderful time.  Allen started it all off with a prayer of Thanksgiving, and allowed others to join is as they felt led.  Oh my goodness, I do not think there was a dry eye in the place.  Such sweet prayers thanking God for His provision, care, and love.  The young man standing next to me...who has some limitations...thanked God for allowing him the ability to be on his own: living as well as working, and for making him just like he was...limitations and all.  So precious.

The spread was amazing.  All the men and women in Deborah's family are fantastic cooks.  There were green beans, and sweet potatoes grown from their garden, pecan pie made with pecans from their trees, and Elk tenderloin from one of the boy's hunting expeditions.  There was the traditional turkey, and ham plus all the fixings.  We did not lack for food that's for sure.

Starting at the left: ham, turkey, elk tenderloin

After we ate, Allen had a prize for anyone who could answer who had the first Thanksgiving parade.  Everyone thought it was Macy's, but they did not.  Gimbel Brother's in Philadelphia had the first parade.  The winner was Demetrius (who also brought the elk).  He won this wonderful prize...

 Yes, I bet you wish you had one!  Allen called it a nose bra.  Not to be alone in the wearing of this wonderful item, Demetrius had his girlfriend model it as well.  I was so glad I did not win this treasure.

my awesome thankful for him.

our selfie.  

Me and Deborah
Best friends...
Okay, when Deb lived here, people got us mixed up all the time...even her husband got us mixed up. Back then, we had the same hair color.   If my hair color was not from a bottle, my hair would be the same color as her's is now.  The interesting thing is that one of her brothers looks like my brother.  The first time I met him, I could not believe it.  Tom is on the left...Deb's brother right.

Amber sent this picture of Mark and his friend, Spence cutting their turkey.  Mark and Amber had Thanksgiving at their friend's house since they were moving back to LA the next day.  Amber made the meal though, because Kristina and Spence were going to have pizza for Thanksgiving.  
Spence (left)  Mark (right)
This spread is for 4 people
Amazing pies

Luke sent us this video of Sawyer's sledding experience Thanksgiving day.

Anyway, it was a good Thanksgiving for all.  

Another selfie... to wish all a Happy Thanksgiving. We do not look the greatest here...Warren was back from a bike ride, and me from a run.  We sort of had sweat hair...

So Thankful!


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