Friday, November 14, 2014

Polish Pottery...

"Even when the air seems perfectly still, great changes are taking place." -Marty Rubin

I was introduced to Polish pottery by my friend, Marisha.  She started collecting the dishes years ago.   She now has almost every piece imaginable.  She is responsible for my intrigue, and fascination with the pottery.  I think it is beautiful.

When I visited my niece, Jennifer, I was surprised when she had a lot of the Polish dishes as well, and used them for her everyday dishes.  I should have not been so surprised...her sister, Melissa, spent several years in Poland.  It made perfect sense that Melissa would have shared this pottery with her sister.  Well, their mom, Mara sent me an email wondering if I would like some pieces of the pottery. YES, I would!!!!  Two days later, a box arrived with some wonderful pieces that soon found a new home on my dining room table.  My Friday find.

Isn't the pottery gorgeous!  Perfect colors for fall.  I think they will live on my table for awhile.  I cannot wait to use them in some sort of still life in one of our "Be Still 52" assignments.
I just love these.  I feel very blessed...Thankful.  Thank you, Mara.

Candy of my favorite fall candies.  I have refrained from eating them, but bought some for a fall craft with my grandkids.  I think they make a pretty fine fall photo.

When Warren came home for lunch, he saw the bag of candy corn on the table, and asked what they were doing out.  I think he thought I had slipped from eating clean.  I showed him the pictures of the candy, and he understood why they were out... a still life photo.  

This cold weather has caused the trees to lose most of their leaves.  I love all the colors.  Remember in  school we had to write some haikus?...Here's one just for fall, and leaves.  I wish I had written it.

falling leaves
hide the path
so quietly.
-John Bailey
a haiku

Some photos just because...

My fallish cat...looking rather Fall-ish.

My husband...looking Santa Clause-ish.  Especially with his white hair, and beard...glasses low on his nose, and his red shirt.  You'll probably see this again...on our Christmas card.

Me, looking Cold-ish.  I was pretty bundled walking in 21 degree weather.  Maybe crazy-ish, too, for walking is such cold weather.  My face was pretty frozen when I got home.

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J Bonafilla said...

I love your Polish pottery. It's so very colourful. It must have been a lovely surprise to get a box full of it. Your cat is a very handsome lady, and looks like she was created to walk around in autumn glory. Hope you stay warm and cosy through all the cold weather, Bonny

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