Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Happy Anniversary to us...

"When love is not madness, it is not love." -Pedro Calderon de la Barea

We celebrated our anniversary in two parts.  Our get away time was earlier than our actual anniversary.  One of our favorite places to visit is Santa Fe.  We went there the first weekend in November.  I always think I know the city, but every time we go, we discover new places.  This time we stayed at Don Gaspar Inn...which is a bed and breakfast.  It was fantastic and romantic!  It is a beautiful place with lots of fun nooks and crannies, the rooms were furnished with everything you could imagine, and the food was wonderful.   It was almost like being in paradise.  I highly recommend it.   It was within walking distance of the Plaza, and other points of interest.

The patio area...our cabin was at the end of the path...right behind the fountain.

The eating area

We went not only as an early anniversary, but to pick up our custom made hats.  We were fitted for them in June, and it took this long to have them made.  We are pretty pleased with our hats.  They are 80% beaver and 20% rabbit.  These hats are made to be worn in even in rain or snow.

Warren standing on our porch.

Our actual anniversary was last Friday.  Warren was off, so we had the whole day to do things together.  We had the time jam packed with activities.  We had an early dinner at Cattle Baron, then went to the Craft show, Holiday Magic. We bought us a wind chime.  It is adorable.

the creamer is made to be pouring into the sugar bowl...

 We both thought it was unique, and agreed that it was best to keep it inside.  Things have a way of being stolen if they are outside.  The creamer and sugar bowl are from Sweden.  I like old vintage items a lot...old spoons, forks, serving ware, creamer, and sugar bowl.  We put it in our bedroom, so we could look at it every night, and when we wake in the morning.

We also took a bunch of photos of who else, but US!  We started with a "selfie" taken with our iPhone.  They are always fun to do, and can look sort of weird.  I like them anyway.

Then we took photos using a remote.  I wanted to get some photos with a Christmas theme, so we could use them on our Christmas card.  I used pictures here that will not be on our Christmas card.

We had to have some photos with us in our new hats.  

We ended the day by watching a movies here at home.  Snuggled in our comfortable, and warm bed.  It was the perfect ending to a very fine day.  It was a grand anniversary...33 years.


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