Tuesday, November 4, 2014

An experiment...texture Tuesday...

"Against any horror that we may face in this world, and in the face of knowledge that for each of us time is a thief of glory, what matters most and gives meaning to our lives and deaths is love and hope. -From the Book Thief of Glory, by Sigmund Brouwer

Am I ever behind in some of my online classes...especially my photoshop artistry class.  I employed some of the techniques I learned in that class on my prize winning Barn photo.  I decided I would have to set aside time each day, as if I was in class, to try to get caught up.  With that in mind, yesterday I worked on the vector module of the class, and used some old pictures from a photo shoot I did in the summer.  I used the quote: "Today I will be the best version of me" as my inspiration for the piece.  I rather like it!

I, also, did a collage for a HS Senior using some of the techniques I learned in my online class.  He wanted his name, and date included in the photo.  I added a clock for the reference to time, and some other elements.  He liked it a lot.

Can I say I am behind in all my classes!  I did an assignment for my Be Still 52 class yesterday as well as my photo artistry class.  Maybe I will get caught up.  Be Still 52 is a Kim Klassen class.  I cannot say enough positive things about Kim's classes.  They are full of great information, and techniques.  Drop on over, and try out one of her classes.  You will not be sorry.  She provided the high resolution of the photo, and we were supposed to add to it to make it our own.

Her photo...Before...

I wanted it to look like a painting, so added a canvas texturize filter to it, added Kim's painterly texture, soft light 100%.  Added a haze, then burned around the left of side of the bowl to add back the definition that got lost when I added the haze.  I think it looks exactly like I imagined.
My photo...after

One of my friends wanted to know how to add textures to a photo.  I was demonstrating the technique using this photo, and ended up liking it.

Finally, a still life with a fall-ish theme: leaves and an apple.  
texture: kk_thursday, soft light 100%, masked off the apple

I am linking this up to...drum roll...you guessed it...Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday.  My inspiration quote from the first picture goes right along with her theme today..."Words."  I am enjoying our fall days.  Be blessed.

Kim Klassen dot com


Rosanna said...

Congratulations for winning! Your photos are truly works of art!

Anonymous said...

Each photo is perfect. Love the first one and the HS Senior with the date and clock. Very novel. :)

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