Sunday, December 14, 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

"I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year." -Charles Dickens

I cannot believe I have let fourteen days of the Christmas season get by me without posting some Christmas photos.  So much for doing the December Daily this year.  Not to worry, though, I plan to get caught up this week, so beware.  I have the photos, they are just not posted.

Can I say, I have thoroughly enjoyed the season so far.  For one, I am not stressed out.  I have some decorations up, but not many.  I have taken a lot of delight in visiting others homes, and enjoying the fruits of their decorations.  I get immense joy out of some of the shop displays, too.  Warren and I are not getting each other gifts this year.  If we want something, we order it ourselves.  That reduces stress a lot.

My main project for the Christmas holiday was "Pallet Art".  My inspiration was found on Pinterest.  I had my friend, Suzanne help me with the lettering, and the wisemen.  Warren drilled the holes for the lights.  It is gorgeous...especially at night with the spotlight on it.  I am thrilled with the out come.  Maggie is too...she is right above the wreath checking it all out.

I was so pleased that I found a solid pallet instead of one with the slats.  I stained the wood, cut out the letters, and wisemen, applied them to the board, painted the hills, and star, then sealed it.  Warren drilled my holes for the lights.  My wreath is recycled...I sprayed it silver.  

Today, I saw a new technique of light painting.  I came home, put up my lights, and enlisted my favorite subject.  See how excited he looks...

My Ho, Ho, Ho Santa...and subject.  

When he saw what I was trying to do, he got into the Christmas spirit a little better.  This is sort of the effect I was trying to achieve.  I want the lights to be a complete circle, so I will have to keep working on this.  I suppose I should have cropped off the dark spots on either side too, but I sort of liked them too.

This is better...

This better yet...Just like the Grinch, I think his heart grew three sizes!  See he's smiling!

As always, Maggie was right in the middle of things, so Warren picked her up, to add more to the photo.  She doesn't look too happy either.

I was sort of Christmas-y, too.  So I had my picture taken too, by Warren.  He did a very nice job.

Earlier this week, I was experimenting with some new photo apps on my iPhone.  Here's a picture using the app, Stackables.  Can I say, I love the app.  It is like having a mini photoshop on your phone.

App: stackables,  two photos used, blend mode: multiply.  Masked off the face.


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