Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Surprises, and signs of spring...

"Spring shows what God can do with a drab and dirty world." -Virgil A. Kraft

When I travel out of town, I always stop by the library to get me several books on CD to listen to on the drive to my destination.  It was no different when I went to Las Cruces.  My CD book had six discs.  I got the first three listened to, and was going to change the discs, but nothing would load, or play.  I thought maybe if I turned off the engine, and restarted my car, it would reboot my CD player.  It did nothing.  At this point, I was so distressed about the whole matter.  I had a three hour drive with only the radio to listen to.  Pretty dismal for sure since radio stations are hard to get in the mountains.  It was a long drive home is all I have to say about it.

I took my car in to get my CD fixed.  It was even more dismal than the drive home.  They can't fix it.  It has to be replaced.  The bad news is my car has a "Theft deterrent system."  In this situation, this system is not a good thing. It is one huge unit: the navigational system, the tape player, radio, and CD.  It is going to cost $1300.  My old system has to be sent to the manufacture to have them get out my library CDs.  There are three in there.  No one knows how long that is going to take.  I will be rechecking this book on CD for awhile.  I thought maybe I would pay for the library CD, but then decided I could not travel without a CD player, so I am biting the bullet and paying the money...correction...Warren is paying for it.  I just break it.

Surprise #2:  When Warren goes into work, he has to put on his Doctor smock before he sees patients.  The clothes rack where all the employees keep their smocks is right next to the employee's bathroom.  Warren just happened to notice there was a squirrel floating in the toilet.  Dead, of course.  It is a mystery how it got there.  I don't know what it is about us and squirrels.  They seem to like us.

On a different note, spring is just around the corner.   I like all the spring colors, and new dawning of life.  It makes me so appreciative of God, and how he thrills us with new beauty.  Thank you, Lord, for our seasons.

And Lord, thank you for my man who fishes squirrels out of toilets, pays for things I break, and still smiles through it all, and loves me even more.  I am blessed.


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