Sunday, March 17, 2013

Jury Duty...

"I vote, and I do jury duty."  -Christopher Hitchens

In December, I got a letter in the mail letting me know I had been selected for jury duty for the months of February and March.  I answered their questions, and asked to be excused from serving since I take care of Jane.  They did not think it was a good enough reason.  February summons.  Then came March.  I got a phone call, then a letter letting me know I had to report for Federal jury duty in Las Cruces, NM.  I reported.  I got selected.

Driving to Las Cruces...

The Organ Mountains just outside of Las Cruces.
It was a criminal case.  A felon, who had served prison time for previous crimes, was charged with possession of firearms and ammunition.  He naturally pleaded "not guilty", hence the trial.   Long story, short, we had a hung jury: 11 guilty, 1 not guilty, even though he had an assault rifle in his bed under the covers. (His bed was the only place to sit in his house which was an 8x10 well-house).  He had a double-barrel shotgun under the bed.  Ammo was on the shelf by his bed between his cigarettes, and booze, and in the guns.  The one juror who said he was not guilty thought he could not have known the guns and ammo were there.  She thought they must have been planted, and that he was falsely accused.  I know it is hard to believe.  Hopefully, when retried, the next jury will find him guilty. 100%.

I was hoping I was going to get to do some shopping before I had to head back, but because we were not all in agreement on the defendant's guilt, the judge kept asking us to go back to deliberate some more.  Finally, at the end of the second day, he declared a hung jury.  We did get out an hour early on the first day though.  I was told to go to Mesilla Valley for some interesting pictures, and fantastic food.  I did go.  I took pictures.  It reminded me of the Santa Fe Plaza.

 This was an old Catholic church on the plaza.  It did not look to impressive on the outside...

But the sun's rays sure gave it some wonderful appeal.
The inside was beautiful.  There was a lady sitting in the front right pew.  If you look close you can see her.
I loved the colors of the vases.
My favorite store was this place.  I was attracted by the unusual art work.  Inside was so wonderful.
This is what you see when you first walk in.
Cool colors.

A picture of me taking pictures.
This the door to a place called Josefine's Inn supposedly from the 1800's.  It is an eatery that is only open until 3:30.  I am sorry I did not make it in time to eat there.  I was told it is very good.  
Books, books and more books.  I love bookstores. This one is a very old bookstore.
It seems like every place has a Billy the Kid shop.  I liked these doors...made to look like someone is walking out of a Saloon.  I just took the picture.  I did not go in.
 I just have a few more weeks on being "on call" for further jury duty.  I have to admit, the case was an interesting, and in the end, I did not mind doing my civic duty.


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These are beautiful pictures! You have a great eye for composure.

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