Monday, March 4, 2013


"Life is the sum of all your choices." -Albert Camus

Confession #1
I bought some black out curtains for our bedroom.  I did this because I experienced several sleepless nights.  I hear sleeplessness rears its ugly head as one ages.  This means I must be aging.  I do not like aging.  It is too hard on my body.  On one of those sleepless nights, I got out my iPad to read remedies for the problem.  It seems the body cannot produce enough melatonin when there is too much light.  This one website said even if you wear one of those blackout masks over your eyes, if there is the slightest light in the room, light reaches your skin, and you do not produce enough melatonin. I have every little light covered, and now I have blackout curtains.  Stay tuned to find out if the curtains will work.

Confession #2
I signed up for Hillsdale College's free online course called "American Heritage."  The college offered Constitutional 101 and 201, which I thought about taking, but did not.  I think I will go back and do that later.  I have done lesson one, and find the class very good, not watered down, or revisionist history.  This is the real deal.  Maybe I can become more like Courtney Rogers in my third confession.

Confession #3
I decided to sign up for the course after I reading "Mrs. Rogers Goes to Nashville" in Citizen magazine (the March issue). Courtney Rogers had become alarmed at the increased attacks on freedom of religion, of speech, individual success, and even the right to defend one's own life.  She was invited to pray at her City Hall during the 2009 National Day of prayer.  This was her awesome prayer:

"We pray for those that are serving in harm's way even now, all over the world.  We pray You give them courage, when they can go not further; clarity of vision and thought; when they are enveloped by the fog of war; and comfort during those darkest times, the quite pauses between the storms.  We pray that their sacrifices are not in vain, lost to a godless and apathetic nation, for it has been declared to the world, by our own leadership, that we are no longer a Christian nation.  We pray that we all find the courage, commitment, and resolve to offer our time, our resources, our leadership, and our lives, in answer to Your call: 'restore Me.'  Restore Me in your hearts.  Restore Me in your homes.  Restore me in your schools and at work.  Restore Me in your city halls and state capitols.  Restore me in your Supreme Court. Restore Me in the Halls of Congress: The House and the Senate.  Restore Me in the White House itself."

Confession #4
We are recording the 10 hour television miniseries, The Bible, that had its debut yesterday, March 3.  The series runs on the History channel and culminates on Easter.  It is produced by Roma Downey who starred in the television series "Touched by an Angel", and her husband Mark Burnett who has produced shows like "Survivor", "The Voice", and "Celebrity Apprentice."

Confession #5
I really do not care for the month of March.  There is too much wind.  For those who watch "The Pioneer Woman" on the food channel,  have you notice how it is always blowing where they live?  How can they stand it?

Confession #6
I hate Day Light Savings Time, which is just around the corner.  Actually, I just hate changing time in the spring and fall.  Why can't they leave it alone?  I already get too little sleep.

Confession #7
I am hooked on the TV series "Downton Abbey", and "Call the Midwives."  They are right up there will my all time favorite "Major Crimes."

That is all I can think to confess right now, but I am sure there is more.  I just cannot think of them right now.


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