Saturday, March 1, 2014

Las Vegas, baby…Senior Ignite...

"The camera always points both ways.  In expressing your subject, you also express yourself." -Freeman Patterson

I was off to Las Vegas again, but this time with Stephanie DeFranco, and her mom.  Stephanie told me about a workshop called Seniors Ignite, and asked if I wanted to attend.  This is not a workshop for seniors, as in senior citizens, like me, but HS seniors.  Photographers from all over (we even had a guy from Australia) unite to share skills, creativity, and business wisdom to other photographers.  The whole experience was pretty amazing, plus it was a lot of fun.  Anytime the DeFrancos are involved, it spells fun.  This year, the event was held at the Westin Lakes just outside of Las Vegas in the town of Henderson.  It was very beautiful, and so unlike LV on the strip.

Photo taken from the Senior Ignite website
Scene from the back of the hotel…gorgeous!
The bad thing about the hotel was that there were no eating facilities close by…well if you did not have a car that is.  There was nothing within walking distance.  We ate at this Market Express everyday, and it was not cheap.  By the end of the event, we were pretty sick of their food.
Our food was served in these nice cardboard boxes...
This collage is of several things…Left: our shadows which we thought were cool.  Center top: we are on the plane blowing kisses through the stir sticks…love the heart stir sticks.  Bottom center:…the Dr. Better beverage that I had everyday.  I brought an empty bottle home since I thought the label was pretty as well as unique.  Right picture:  me in the lobby sitting in a fancy chair.

Both Stephanie and I borrowed lenses to try out.  The picture was taken in our room by the beautiful sheer curtains…are we desperate for backgrounds or what?
Me…inside our room.
 This is our little group that went about the grounds taking photos of the various models.  The two guys on either side of me are from Boise, Idaho, and are hilarious I might add.  We met them the first night, and tried to always sit at a table with them.  The one on my left, Nate, offered to drive us to the airport on the last day.  We were so thankful for the lift, and for his great company.  The guy on my right is Sam Marvin.  Apparently, Sam is the photographer, and Nate is the videographer.  Make sure you check out their website:
One of the nice things about going with Stephanie is that we get great photos of each other taking pictures.  


We did our own model shoot.  Here are some of the shots of me taken by Stephanie. 

This picture was shot and edited by Stephanie.  She super imposed the scene that I was seeing through the window…the lake with the mountains behind.  Is that not the coolest?
Photo shot and edited by Stephanie DeFranco
 This is one of my favorite photos, also taken and edited by Stephanie.
Photo shot, and edited by Stephanie DeFranco
Next are a few of my photos that I took of Stephanie.  

I really liked the full belly laugh here.


Stephanie by the fireside...
Stay tuned for more from Las Vegas...


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