Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A short getaway…to Midland...

Woo Hoo!  Warren and I went to Midland to visit some long time friends.  Sometimes you have to get away to be able to relax and refresh, since there is always something calling for attention when you are home.  It was rather windy both going and coming.

I took this with my iPhone.  I thought the sweep of the clouds was amazing.  It must have been pretty windy way up there judging by the cloud formation.  It certainly was on the highway.

This is what you do while your sitting in the passenger seat…take selfie photos!

I like to take photos through windows…here is Warren looking at the view from the inside of our friends home... to the outside.

Warren and Charles watched a lot of basketball...

While Ruth and I visited, and looked at all her old family photos...

Charles looking rather "Charles-ish..

We went downtown to take photos of a statue.  This building had a lot of windows that made for good reflections…I got the front and back of Charles.

This is a reflection of both Charles and me…too cool. I was shooting into the windows of the building.

Charles and Ruth…aren't they a lovely couple...

Here we all are lined up for our photo…like peas in a pod!

This is the downtown statue…interesting to say the least.

We enjoyed good food, company, and went to funniest play ever.  We were glad we got to reconnect with our wonderful friends…they are like medicine to the soul.

The sky was not as dramatic on our return trip…there was just a lot of dust which this picture does not show very well.
Until next time…be blessed.


Donna Hopkins said...

Hi, Thanks so much for stopping by to visit my blog. I'm so happy to meet another woman of faith. Like you, I have worn many hats (I worked for many years as a pediatric physical therapist). I'm now enjoying retirement and my nest is nearly empty, too. Your photos from your getaway are lovely. So nice to see that you are able to maintain these lifelong friendships. Nice meeting you!

Michelle B said...

Your cloud photo is beautiful! Aren't phone cameras handy? They are always there and take pretty good pictures too.
Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind words. Hope to see you again soon!

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