Monday, March 24, 2014

Grandkids...twins...Erynn, Reid, and me!

"In the eyes of a child…there is joy, there is laughter…there is hope…there is trust…and a chance to shape the future." -Air Supply

I love to take online photo classes.  Right now I am taking two…I dabble in each when I can carve out the time.  I need more time since I can spend hours in these classes.  Can you believe I am thinking about taking one more class that has all pictures taken with your iPhone.  Today, I went into my archives, and found some pictures Jordan sent me.  I intended to tackle the rest of their second birthday, but as usual, got side tracked.  I did not do any birthday photos...These little guys are the cutest.

Sawyer…he likes to carry around not one, or two cars or trains, but as many as he can hold in his little hands, and arms.

Always…his arms are always loaded with different modes of transportation. 

Tate…oh those eyes...

He carries things around too.  Cuteness times two with both of these little guys.

I have been doing some photo shoots as well.  I took some of the photos from one of my shoots, and did some experimenting to make them look more vintage…These photos are from my "Beyond Layers" class using techniques from the class taught by Kim Klassen.

Love the vintage look here.  This is one of my best models...

She makes good contact with the camera.

A fun one!

The editing of this picture was done using techniques I learned from my photo artistry class.

Practicing with textures, and fonts…
I have not signed up for the iPhone class yet, but I have experimented with some of the apps the class would be using.  The photos are to be self-portraits.  Yes, I did one of me…and yes, I think I am going to take the plunge, and take the class.  I like the grunge effect, so that is what I did.  The hardest part was setting the timer on my iPhone, and running to get in the picture.  I took a lot of photos before I got one with me without my head cut off.

Me…old vintage, and grunge look.  Taken, and processed with my iPhone.
That is what I have been doing lately…there will be more.  Until then, be blessed.


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