Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Signs of spring...

With our warm weather, then cold, then warm, and cold again, I can only imagine that our poor flowers, trees, and bushes might be a little confused about appearing for spring.  I would be…what am I talking about?…I am.  I almost took the heaver blankets off my bed, but now I am glad I did not.  I almost put away my winter clothes, and got out my spring…I only put away a few, and got out a few.  Clothes swapping for the season is one of my top hated tasks.  Still signs of spring are still in progress.  Spring is still just around the corner.  I will be glad to see it come.  I have chosen to link to Kim Klassen's texture Tuesday with the theme "from above."  I was taking pictures of blossoms from a volunteer tree, a very little tree I might add, when this little "fly" of some sort landed on the bloom.  Lucky me.

kk_softly, blend mode soft light 73%, kk_paperstain music, multiply 100%, kk_softly again, blend mode soft light 100%.  Layer mask added and painted 50% over the blossoms. 

Busy little bee…maybe there will be plums!
My favorite magazine arrived today.  I refrain from reading the whole thing in one sitting.  I savor the magazine... reading a few articles, and looking at a few pictures each day.  I get a lot of inspiration from this magazine.  There's nothing like enjoying it with a Starbucks passion tea. My idea of a good "unplug from the world" time.

I was cleaning the kitchen one evening when my cat jumped on the bar stool.  If I had not corrected her with a stern voice, she would have made herself right at home on the kitchen counter, which is a big "NO, NO" for her, but she pushes the limits.  She remained on the stool with her head just peeking over at counter level.  I loved the hard light, and her pitiful look, so I ran for my camera hoping I could catch the pose, and I did!
A longing look is a good ending… be blessed.


Beverly said...

The signs of spring in your area are already so pretty!! I love those sweet tree blossoms, and a little fly. Good to hear I'm not the only one that dislikes swapping out seasonal clothes. I haven't opened my Click mag yet, but look forward to doing so soon. Maybe when the weather turns crumby again - it will be something to enjoy indoors.

Anonymous said...

Awe...I'm loving Maggie and that look. The signs of Spring photos are a great reminder of what is around the corner, and I'm hoping arrives soon. We had 69 temperature today, and then tonight the snow, howling wind and single digit temperatures are arriving. It's like Mother Nature just can't make up her mind this winter. Happy Tuesday. :)

Pat said...

Lovely spring blossoms. Maggie is adorable.

June Caedmon said...

Great shot of Maggie! Cats do tend to push the limits, don't they. Like children that never grow up :) Your blossom shots are heavenly. Thank you for sharing!

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