Thursday, November 7, 2013


"A lecture might inform someone, but music affects us in a more profound way. Music can go past the intellect to the intimate, moving us so compellingly that we are different for having encountered the enriching blend of notes, tones, and ideas..." -John Asherott

I love to listen to my favorite preacher of all times, Alistair Begg, on "Truth for Life" each morning.  In fact, when Warren gets up in the morning, I plug my earphones into my iPad, and listen to the daily broadcast, and read the devotional selections as well.  Alistair has been in the book of Jonah lately.  Alistair made an interesting point about Jonah peacefully sleeping in the bottom of the boat while there was total chaos, and calamity up on deck by drawing a similar parallel to the church of today.  He said our present day churches are peacefully sleeping while the world is in total chaos.  I agree.  It is my desire to be the obedient servant, and not one who says, "no", or turns and runs the other way.  When I heard this song, it so resonated with me.  It is my prayer:

On another note, (no pun intended), it has been very hard taking care of my Jane lately.  Basically, she is not my normal sweet Jane, but is confused, angry, and hostile at times.  It is rather draining and over whelming.  Just at the most down times, the Lord is so faithful to refresh my soul with a song that goes right to the heart, and marrow of my bones.

I hope these songs will move you as they did me, so that you are different: Revived, excited, and encouraged.  Now go encourage someone else...


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