Monday, November 18, 2013

A little bit of everything...

"Enjoy the little things, for one day, you may look back and realize they were the big things." -Robert Brault

Our little Maggie has been enjoying the fall weather.  One day it was raining outside, and I thought for sure she would run right back in.  I was wrong.  I called, and called her.  No response.  I finally spotted her in a cozy spot in the backyard. She was just looking as me like I was crazy.  She was quite content where she was...and she was dry.  Smart cat.
She found a nice dry spot to enjoy the rain, and the falling leaves.  Why would she want to come in?

When she finally did come in, she found another perfect spot to sewing bag.

Snuggled down in my sewing project bag.  It was stuffed to the brim, but she managed to wiggle her body in there quite nicely, and settled down for a long, winter's "cat" nap.   Hmmm.  That sort of reminds me of The Night before Christmas. 

Can you believe Thanksgiving is just around the corner?  When my gkids came over, we made turkeys.  The best kind of turkeys... made from cookies, and candy.  Yum.

My gkids made these all by themselves.  I think they did a very nice job.  

It was a miracle that we had any materials left to make the turkeys... they ate up a lot of the supplies.

Gobble, gobble say the turkeys.  Gobble, gobble say my gkid's tummies.

After all the turkeys were made, and the supplies were adequately eaten, my g-daughter played us her Christmas song on the piano.  I sang along, which made her laugh, and my hubby to cover his ears.

A star in the making.  She plays so beautifully.  My singing, on the other hand,  was a different story.
Our Extension Department has a yearly Christmas event where they demonstrate ideas for Christmas.  They have a gift/recipe section, crafts, and sewing projects.  I liked the craft, and sewing projects the best.  Here are a few of the wreaths they demonstrated how to make.

I want to make a wreath like this!

Not quite in focus, but the idea is there.

I happen to have the supplies needed to make the bottom wreath, so I gave it a try.  My turned out huge.  I need to work on my wreaths a little more.  I definitely want to try to make one like the first one, which is made from burlap ribbon.

Not as good, but I will get better.  I promise.

Switching subjects again to my little lady, Jane.  She is still confused, but not so angry or hostile.  I am so glad!  I found her the cutest sweater and corduroy slacks.  She loves new clothes, and wanted to put them on right away, and have her picture taken.  

My Jane in her new outfit.

She wanted a necklace added.  
 Then she wanted a picture of all the people who take care of her.  This was hard to do with an iPhone, but she liked it.
People: left to right...Ruth, Maria, Jane, and me.

I have been trying to get caught up on some of my sewing projects, which I cannot reveal here since some are Christmas gifts.  Amber had asked me to make a Christmas stocking for their dog, Oliver.  Didn't it turn out cute?

  I think I might make Warren and I new Christmas stockings this year, I like it so much.  
Finally, this is the last week of Operation Christmas Child where shoe boxes are filled with small items, and sent overseas to needy children of other countries.  It is run by Franklin Graham's ministry, Samaritan's purse.  Our church is the collection site for all the churches around here.  This year, a team from our church will travel to Denver to help sort, and get the boxes ready to ship.  

15 shoe boxes are in this box.

Going to Samaritan's Purse

A few of the boxes that are going to be shipped.  

Since I have gone to several Christmas events, am sewing Christmas items, and shopping for Christmas, I have to admit, I am excited for Christmas.  But there is Thanksgiving yet to come.  I am looking forward to that as well.  

By the way, if you did not see the special, "My Hope America", by Billy Graham, it is a must see.  It can be watched here:  Warren and I watched it two times it was so good.  There's testimony by rapper, LeCrae, and singer, Lacey Sturm.

Whew!  That is all for now.  Go watch "My Hope America," and be blessed! 


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