Saturday, February 11, 2012

Welcome Sawyer and Tate

On February 7th, we welcomed into the McKelvy family two precious little boys: Sawyer and Tate.
Here we are with Sawyer


Sawyer...he has more hair than his Daddy
 The boys have two distinct personalities, cries, and looks.

Tate (left) and Sawyer (right)...not the happy campers they usually are

Tate (left) and Sawyer (right) happy campers.  Are they not the cutest?
 Here they are at home sometimes happy and sometimes not.  Basically, they eat, sleep, and poop.  We are very happy with our new additions.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing this Rob! I wish so bad I could see them!! Love the story about how everything is going and how much fun you guys are having. Keep us posted!! Love all the pictures!!
Stephannie (Pam's cousin)

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures of Tate and Sawyer. I know they are just as precious as they look. Give them both a big hug from all your friends in Roswell. We want to hear all about them when you get back. Teresia

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