Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fire and Ice

Lately, I have been having an allergic reaction around my eyes and I cannot figure out what is causing it.  My worse bout was the day Warren and I flew out to NC.  I woke early in the morning (4 am) with my eyes itching like crazy.  I got up, looked in the mirror, and scared myself.  It looked like I had been beaten up.  My eyes were swollen almost shut, and they had a very nice red ring around them.  I looked pretty racoony.   I decided I needed to get some ice on the eyes.  It helped a lot, but my eyes were still red and swollen when we boarded the plane.   When the stewardess came around with the beverage order, I used my cup of ice for my eyes rather than for my beverage.  I used my napkin to hold the ice, and placed in on one eye at a time.  It felt so good, but I am sure I looked like an idiot to those who could see me.  It took a couple of days before my eyes returned to normal.  I thought my problems were due to an allergy to my eye make-up, so I threw it all away, and bought another brand, but I am not sure my make-up is the culprit.  I had another bad flare-up yesterday.  Out came the ice pack.  Warren and I were quite the sight last night when we went to bed.  He was on his side with two heating pads on his leg, and I was on my side with an ice pack on my eyes.  Fire and Ice-- aren't we the poster picture of romance?  I sure hope I can figure out what the source of my problem is--being female and not being able to wear make-up can really be a scary thought indeed.

With our internet being variable, the repair men here, and our constant winds these past few days, I  had not been able to complete my Flash photography assignment.  I finally got it done today, which is a good thing since today is the last day to post the assignment.  I have loved this class.  I like the dramatic lighting effects, and the quality difference in the pictures.  This week's assignment was to use the flash with ambient light.  Thank goodness Warren was willing to pose for me.
Our creative assignment of dragging the shutter produced an interesting effect, which I like very much.  For this one, since the shutter speed was so slow, I could be the subject and give Warren a rest.  The picture was taken at 8 p.m. with the Christmas lights being the only light other than my flash.  I like the effects of the blur on my hair, light reflections in the bush, and the star flair of the lights.  I knew there was a good reason I had not taken down my Christmas lights.  And I don't have any make-up on either.


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