Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 6 in the lives of Sawyer & Tate

The night of Day 5 was not so great for Mr. Tate.  He thought it might be a fun thing to cry and keep us awake. Consequently his Daddy did not get to work as his planned early hour.  I have become intimately acquainted with the washing machine and dryer, both of which have tons of bells and whistles which is pretty challenging to an old school person like me.  These little guys sure go through a lot of clothes.  And people just think it is girls that like to change their outfits. Girls don't hold a candle to these guys. Luke is the master "snuggler." He's good at rolling these little guys into burritos.  I am sure his expertise is due to the fact that he is from New Mexico where Mexican food is a staple...especially burritos...we have breakfast burritos, bean burritos, chicken & beef burritos, and now Sawyer and Tate burritos. They look like they are in straight jackets to me, but this sure settles them down.
Burrito Brothers...Sawyer foreground, Tate background.
Sawyer had a bit of jaundice, and his Pawpaw McKelvy told us to keep him in the sunlight with only a diaper on.  He looked like he was out on the beach trying to get a suntan.  We put a portable heater close by, and a heating pad on the low setting under his blanket, and he enjoyed the sun which did the trick. He's back to his normal skin color.
Sawyer...not too sure he likes the sun.

Getting his hat to shade his eyes helped.

Savannah checking out this object.  She's actually afraid of them.

Sawyer taking in the rays!
I decided since Mr. Sawyer was sunbathing, it would be a good time to take some up close pictures.
Sawyer holding Daddy's finger.

Sawyer's feet.
We had some milestones today...other than laundry.  They had their first office visit with their pediatrician.  We had great news.  The boys are finally on the incline in the weight department.  Sawyer is a whopping 5 lbs. even, and Tate is 6 lbs. 7 ounces.   Yeah!  It has been a great day six.  We thank the Lord for His help, and for these little boys.
Tate.  Isn't he so precious!
Tomorrow we are going to try to do an official photo shoot.  And I promise I will have more pictures of Tate,too.


Carol said...

It's wonderful that you're really into photography because pictures are fun to share now and what fun to look back at in years to come. The days go by so fast and documenting with pictures is valuable.

Love the picture with Savannah looking like who is this person who has invaded my space? And not just one, but two!

Such fun to see pictures and read about their progress and the trials and joys of "twinhood". Enjoy every moment!

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