Tuesday, April 1, 2014

iPhone Art...

After seeing some amazing iPhone artistry photos from some of the people taking the class on Kim Klassen's texture Tuesdays, and Friday finds, I decided this was a class I had to take.  The class is self-portraiture, but it can be applied to all types.  It is hard to take photos of yourself, because I think you are your own worse critic.  So here's some photos I did for the class.

edited with app Camera+, Focal Lab, and snap seed

edited with app Camera+, Focal Lab, and snap seed 
edited with app Camera+, Focal Lab, and snap seed, kk_touch of 1

These are just photos done with an iPhone.  

Love how my man looks in the photo...
See how amazing our iPhones can be.  Be blessed.


Roxi -Coppercurls Designs said...

Hi Rob, I love iPhone 'art'. Been at it about 1.5 years. Mostly it gets posted to Instagram but my Friday Finds post was iPhone only. Love your editing. Are you doing Susan Tuttle's class? Visiting from Kim's.

EarlK said...

Wonderful. I especially like the one of your partial face to the right side of image. Beautifully done. You are making me want to get an iPhone even though I don't need one. But, just for the camera.

oil painting said...

Thanks for sharing such useful information, it quiet really useful for my iphone art

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